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Toon Boom Harmony 15.0.5 Build 13929 Full Crack Download – WORKING AND TESTED!

Toon Boom Harmony offers a stunning array of tools that blow the doors wide open to a new animation experience. Harmony Stand Alone provides individual users the opportunity to work with the time-proven animation software that is relied upon in animation studios worldwide. Also, as a freelancer, you will enjoy working alongside studios that are using the Harmony solution.

Top Features
Join others using Toon Boom Harmony, the most advanced Professional Animation Software on the market. Benefit from a wide array of tools, including:
Advanced Drawing Tools: Texture brushes, and thick and thin pencil lines
Smart Colour Palettes: Colour you adjust on the fly
Character Rigging: Hierarchy, deform, and effects for creating sophisticated rigs
Special Effects: An array of effects including highlights and shadows, glows, blurs, and a full particle effects engine
Real 3D Camera: A camera you can reposition in a full 3D space
3D Integration: Allowing you to import 3D models, position and animate them in a full 3D space

What’s New in Harmony 15: No matter what kind of animation you are working on, you want your production to be at its best. Harmony 15 has new tools that unleash your creativity and improve productivity.

Drawing and Painting: Productivity enhancers speed up the art creation process and new drawing technology in Harmony 15 breaks down the barriers between bitmap and vector.
Access unlimited expression with textured vector brushes that revolutionize art creation. A breakthrough technology, Harmony’s textured vector brushes, combine the flexibility and speed of the vector workflow with the creativity and raster-level quality of bitmap brushes.

Cut-out Animation: Rigging and cut-out animation production becomes more cost-effective and increases ROI as time goes on. Harmony Premium already gives you the most efficient and flexible tool-set for cut-out projects on the market – whether you need to create something simple or sophisticated. Harmony 15 makes it even easier and faster to go from rigging to animation to final production.
Skillfully handle complex rigs to speed up the animation phase with new Master Controllers. During the rigging phase, write a script for a single controller to animate multiple objects or script as many controllers as you need. Doing turnarounds and other complex animations have never been easier.
New rigging nodes in Harmony 15 empower animators with extended flexibility. Eight nodes have been added including Constraint nodes which use two, three or more points to squash and stretch objects.

Scene Layout and Compositing: Harmony includes an extensive scene layout, animation, compositing and effects tool-set that is unmatched by any other animation package. Harmony 15 builds on this with new features that make it easier for you to create backgrounds and composite effects so the final result is exactly what you envision.
Visualize and build your scenes from A to Z. Expand thumbnails, change drawing exposure durations with handles and adjust the opacity of layers – all within the timeline.
Harmony 15 makes it easier to work in the Node view with larger thumbnail display and a new Mask port on filter and drawing nodes that replaces cutter nodes – simplifying the node tree.

Retina Display Support: With support of Retina and other high resolution displays, the Harmony 15 interface looks sharper and cleaner, making it easier to use. Focused caching improves the performance of scenes that include complex cutout rigs. With the new OpenGL Cache Lock node, you work on one part of a rig without refreshing the cache for the rest -making it faster and easier to animate rigs.

Accelerate Your Art: Ink, paint, rig and animate. Compositing and effects All the tools you need to create your entire project in one tool
Sketch, Draw, and Paint, Bitmap and vector tools for creating art, Create any style with advanced tools that, speed up production, Combine 3D imported, models with 2D for hybrid productions.
Enhance the Look: Create multi-plane scenes using Z-depth, Introduce occlusion and 3D camera moves, Animate in any style, apply effects and composite in 3D.
Harmony 15 has new tools that unleash your creativity and improve productivity !

Downloads: pls buy & support as well the devs!!

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