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Arnold Light Suite C4D v1.0 Full Crack Easy Download CLEAN!

Arnold Light Suite C4D v1.0 Working

Professional Studio Lighting Tools for Arnold Render and C4D.
Made to quickly and easily speed up your lightning workflow.
Create photo-real studio situations for product visualizations and animations in minutes.
What’s included:

— 15 Light Items with simple and intuitive controls. High Dynamic Range textures + xpresso rig.
— 20 Studio Presets: black, white, color.
— 65 HDRI + Rigs: Studio, Metal, Sky, Interior, Exterior, Underwater and Space.
— 4 Infinite Floor + Rig. Seamless backgrounds to complete your scenes: Circular, Diagonal, Linear and Plane.
— 8 Stages: Box, Stage C, Curved Floor, Curved Box, Stage L, Stage Round, Stage S, Stage U.
— 11 Test Objects with textures/ shaders included.
— 10 C4D Example Scenes ready to render.

System Requirements

Cinema 4D 17 and above.

Arnold Render 2.1 and above.

Works with Windows and Mac OS

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev! :)!!

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  1. m

    10 hours to download 1 file It’s way too long…
    there are faster hosts and no ads like free DL for example…
    find another way, thanks


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