By | September 12, 2021

Kitbash3D Neo Tokyo Models Pack FREE Full Download 175MB CLEAN!

Create skyscrapers and mega-structures that tower over civilization and echo the philosophies of future generations focused on maximum space and energy efficiency. Whether you’re designing for film or video games, anime or manga, this kit will take you into the not-so-distant future of a 2020 Japan Olympics or far beyond your wildest imaginations with a vertical city mimicking organic biological growth as it extends further and further towards the sky. 3D Models by Joshua Cotter and Cover Art by Maxx Burman

  • Total Poly Count: 2.1 Million
  • Uved and Textured


updated 13/sep/2021

2 Replies to “Kitbash3D Neo Tokyo Models Pack FREE Full Download 175MB”

  1. AAA

    intoupload sucks,it gives 1.9 mb file instead of the original.


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