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Kitbash3D Industrial Models Full FREE Download 511MB CLEAN!

Create the manufacturing hubs and low-rise cities adorned with billowing smoke from the brick factories that characterized Europe or America during the turn of the Industrial Revolution. This kit will provide you with all sizes of factories, railways, cranes and smokestacks that define any 18th or 19th century environment dominated by mass production, steam power and human innovation! Modeling by Mihailo Radosevic, Cover art by Steven Cormann.

  • File Formats Include: .MA | .OBJ | .FBX
  • Total Poly Count: 1.8 Million
  • Uved and Setup for Tileable Textures
  • Textures Not Included


Spend less time 3D modeling and more time building your world.


Top industry VFX professionals dream up and create our dynamic kits.


All models are built with flexible and clean geometry, uved with a mixed poly count


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