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Amplify Shader Editor 1.4.1 Unity3D Full Crack Download CLEAN

NEW! Full support
NEW! Wiki resources
NEW! API documentation (Wip)
NEW! Support the texture array
NEW! Operation of the vertex normal
NEW! Clipping function of POM (parallax occlusion map)
NEW! Reflection with a chromatic aberration
NEW! Tessellation Behavior customized (node)

New sample
• Object Normal reflection
• Texture array
• Reflection shadow
• Read from tiled atlas

Improvements in the latest version
• More stable feeling
• Fix and refine many defects • Improve
master node property UI
• Perrin noise using noise generator node
• Change input port with long press of CTRL key • Change
input port Double click to clear connection
· Parameter type can be set from
node · Add various nodes

This editor continues to improve for future updates, and more functions are currently under development.

Amplify Shader Editor (ASE) is a node-based shader creation tool inspired by industry-leading software. It is an open form but a tightly integrated solution that provides a consistent development environment that seamlessly blends with Unity’s UI practices and shader usage. We offer ample quality and flexibility, prompt customer support with Amplify Creations.

It is an intuitive , user-focused, easy-to-use, clean, flexible workspace. As a docking or as a second monitor, you can use it freely according to the layout.

It is optimized to eliminate large nodes and menus that become obstacles, minimizetoolbars and menus, and maximize workspace.Creating nodes and shaders, using Project Explorer, can be as intuitive as creating new Unity materials.

It is open to user contributions such as nodes, improvements, bug fixes, support by third parties . We aim to provide a stable and flexible tool that can easily adapt to existing art production pipeline.

Flexible shader creation options. Although you can create and extend surface shaders in the current version, future updates will add many types of shaders, custom lighting models, and extended options. While they adapt well to the technical specifications of the production, they help to make creativity more free and open.

Noteworthy Features
• Intuitive and familiar node interface
• Full source code
• Extended node library
• Instantiation support
• User-supplied nodes and shaders
• Increasing sample collection

Please use the professional tool which is very useful, causing a change in the project. This product is developed by industry experts, and the support team always provides a service that is one step ahead of the user to solve the problem.


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