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Lumion 8 Renderer WIN Full Easy Crack Download Clean

Lumion empowers architects to create unbelievable renders in seconds. The Styles Button is the power of Lumion 8 brought together. Just press it, select a style. In an instant you get a stunning image with a backbone of balanced light, depth and realism.

Visualize creativity like never before with the new Sky Light daylight simulator and the soft and fine shadow enhancements. Turn them on and watch as the foliage and grass become dramatically photorealistic. See the shadows beneath tables and shelves become subtle and soft. Notice as people, plants and buildings suddenly look like they belong where they are.

Lumion 8 also helps you clearly communicate architectural designs with the new “hand-drawn” outline feature. Achieve a true-to-life appearance by softening the hard edges of structures and furnishings, simulate a maquette with tilt shift, and render videos in eye-opening 4K resolution.

You can also set one option next to the other and decide which one you prefer with variation control effect. Group objects together for easy scene-building, and benefit from many other enhancements like a curved mass placement function, a new measurement tool and better layer effects.

Click on a feature to learn more, or continue scrolling below for a complete list with descriptions.

  • Styles  – Just push the button!
  • Sky Light daylight simulator
  • Soft and fine shadows
  • Hand-drawn outline effect (Pro only)
  • Mass placement for curved shapes (landscapers rejoice!)
  • 150+ new HD materials (Some Pro only)
  • New HD objects – pets, cyclists and more (Some Pro only)
  • Render video in 4K resolution

Designing and rendering realistic shadows may be one of the most difficult things you can do. Until now.

In Lumion 8, you can inject realism into your render by turning on the Soft Shadows and the Fine Detail Shadows as part of the Shadow effect. Instantly, the shadows become softer, the penumbras grow. Hundreds of fine detail shadows are enriched and a realistic sense of depth permeates the image.

You’ll feel yourself smile as you view your unbuilt design looking uncannily like the real thing.

Are the colors too cold? Too dull? Overexposed? In Lumion 8, you can easily dress your model in its best light with the new color correction improvements. Tune up color temperature for a “warm” mood. Adjust the vibrancy for increased color intensity without saturation. You can even temper the sharp contrasts by making the shadows a little lighter.


This is a temporary solution but with some added benefit : 
– no bugs other than those coming with Lumion itself
– the emergency code will probably be valid until the next intermediate version (Lumion 8.5) not sure but probably fine if a Lumion 8.1 goes out for a bug fixing or small improvement

But you’ll have to leave the software blocked in the Firewall otherwise you’ll have to start the whole process again (not tested but the activation code is supposed to work only once a session).
There’s an antivirus alert on the licence generator, but I’ve checked and everything is fine (you can try to do all of that in a sandbox if you’re worried).

Thank to the generous (and probably unfortunate) donor for the original installation files, and thanks to the Chinese people that made this emergency code generator.

Lumion8.0 Pro Serial number reading tool only

Here is a complete step by step :
1. Prevent Lumion from connecting to Internet (Firewall is the best method as you’ll need Lumion to stay this way for ever with this method)
2. Launch Lumion
3. Launch the generator
4. Click on the bottom right button in the generator and paste the Lumion code in it (Lumion code is the code showing in the first box of the Lumion activation windows)
5. Save the txt file as the generator ask you to do
6. Open the txt file and copy everything from the second line (included) until the last line before “SerialNumber” is written
7. Paste this in the activation box of Lumion and the benchmark then the program will launch

Make sure to save the text file from step 5 to use again and again, as people are reporting that the lic tool only works once.

For those who cannot or do not want to use the Serial Tool, here are a couple of codes you can choose from:

B49BCE7FA813FB0B162E048E6B8BB6112568C6A314512D5847 2D95EA83FFAD9EB29366535B8DAF372F4F2D18F97CB9DE
63 0F 10 00 00 08 02 00 09 20 80 00 FF FB 8B 17
………………………………………….. ….
12A70B6C7C7C33BF8097BD46D5DA8A16D81975459548299F06 DFA5AE51223E6E4D15D7161FBC14CC04B180585A5FE61A
B1167BC5BAD9B57392F4574A8F23264CC56E9B0E62E4E887B7 C40E98EC788834
F1 06 04 00 00 08 10 0A BF FB FE 7F FF FB EB BF

I’ve just rendered a scene and everything works fine for now.

But there are two caveats with this method :
You will need to force close the program in order to exit it (with the task manager)
You will always need to paste the code at every start of the software (the benchmark run only once)

Anyone who has problems loading in DWG mode just install the plugin from

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