By | September 10, 2018

Videohive 54 Medical Screens 18036271 Full Free Download Clean Links!

54 Medical Screens are 54 different medical interface graphics. You get fullscreen, ready-to-use Quicktimes as well as dozens of additional elements for you to customize.

There are six fullscreen (1920×1080) 0:15 seemlessly looping sequences. There are also 34 individual ‘window’ elements as well as seven ‘round’ and six ‘overlay’ graphics. A still of the background is also included.

That?s 36 individual elements ready to use in your project!

54 Medical Screens was created with screen replacement graphics for film and television in mind. Use the package to help tell your story. There’s Cellular Anatomy, DNA Breakdown, Isotope Stability, Protein Breakdown, Viral Structure, and many more!

Use them as visual effects elements, in motion graphics, as animated 3D textures, as webpage elements, or… well anything!

The music in the Preview Video is ‘Medical’. It can be purchased here:

The videos used in the Preview Video:
‘Surgeon Woman Touchscreen’. It can be purchased here:
‘Doctor Green Screen’. It can be purchased here:
‘Doctor Touch Screen 2’. It can be purchased here:

The font used in 54 Medical Screens is ‘Andale Mono’, a system font.

• Six fullscreen graphics
• Seven round graphics
• 34 window graphics
• Six overlay graphics
• 00:15 long
• Seemlessly loopable
• HD Resolution (1920×1080)

What’s Included:
• Six HD Quicktimes (H.264)
• 47 Quicktimes (PNG)
• One HD Background (JPG)


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