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Gorillla Grade LUTs Full Crack Download CLEAN LINKS.

Greyscalegorilla is proud to present Gorilla Grade LUTs, a set of 100 different cinematic color grades that you can easily apply to your footage or 3d renders. You can load these LUT files into many leading digital content creation tools such as Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Nuke, Fusion, and much more. Gorilla Grade LUTs can quickly and easily color grade your 3D renders, motion design, live action, or even photos.

Whether your project is a 3D render, live action footage, or even a photograph shot with your phone, a powerful, yet tasteful color grade can help take your work to the next level.

In case you were wondering, LUT stands for Look Up Table. LUTS have been used to color grade films for decades. Frequently, these files were used in film conversion but now, these LUT files can be used to color grade your footage/renders and give your work a cinematic touch.

Gorilla Grade LUTs are compatible with:
Foundry Nuke 8 and above
Black Magic Design Fusion 7 and above
Davinci Resolve 9 and Later
Adobe Speedgrade CC 2015 and Later
Adobe After Effects CC 2015 and Later
Adobe Premiere CC 2015 and Later
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 and Later
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and Later
Avid 8.8 and Later
Final Cut Pro X (requires Magic Bullet LUT Buddy by Red Giant)
Any software that accepts 3D LUTs

Downloads: link update 30/08/2017




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  1. Hussain

    can’t download the file from with IDM. please fix the link.

  2. Abo Zaid

    من كم يوم وانا بدور على هالمجموعة ….. ولقيتها عندكم …… شكراً جزيلاً وبارك الله فيكم

    تقبلوا اطيب تحياتي

    أبـو زيــــد


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