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Buildbox 2.2.9 Full Crack Winx64x32 Activation Loader Download CLEAN

Anyone Can Create Games: For the first time, anyone can make games without having a technical bone in their body. Buildbox lets you make games as easy as a powerpoint presentation.

Build Once, Play Anywhere: Once you finish your game, instantly export it to over a dozen different platforms. Have your game on dozens of app stores, on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon Fire Phone, Amazon TV, OUYA and more.

Build new gameplay types: Using Buildbox’s infinity engine you can control real world physics and gameplay by moving sliders. Make classic game styles like platformers or build something totally unique.

Special Effects and Power Ups: Quickly create cool indie effects with lighting and trails. Easily add a multitude of power-ups to your game like invincibility, coin magnets, kill all enemies and more.

Advanced Monetization Options: With Buildbox you have full control over in app purchases and the ability to show ads from over 9 different top tier ad companies including industry favorites like Chartboost.

Jumpstart Your Business: With Buildbox you can easily become a solo entrepreneur and start a business by yourself. Ready to get started? When you download our demo, we’ll show you how to create your first game step by step.

Downloads: UPDATED 26 JAN 2021


WEBSITE : buy and support them!

DOWNLOAD : BuildBox 2.2.9 – 1704 RC1 – Setup

DOWNLOAD : BuildBox 2.2.X – NO-WAIT – Activation Loader
Password: countryboy
NEW ( NO WAIT ) feature works in all versions and builds with any Version Modules.

In order to promote Module sharing: Use of Build 1704 Modules in verion 2.2.9 – Build 1704 is disabled, but previous version Modules work. Use of Build 1704 Modules will be enabled once shared Modules are available.
License used to download Modules must be shared with the Modules, or the Modules are useless.

Buildbox 2.2.8 Export Modules + License – Thanks to: linksolver – Latest Version shared Modules available.

NEW Updated – NO-WAIT Loader :
No 2 minute wait before changing windows.
1. Install any Version of Buildbox from 2.2.1 up to Version 2.2.9 Build 1704 RC-1
2. Use any Version Modules with matching License. License must match Modules.
3. Place Loader Setup & License & Modules in same folder before starting setup for Loader Setup to set Module Version.

2.2.x NO-WAIT Loader works on versions 2.2.1 up to 2.2.9 Build 1704, and allows use of any Version Modules. Use a Module version matching the version installed if they are available, to prevent errors !

The latest version of shared Modules available with a Matching License is version 2.2.8 Build 1360. Thanks to: linksolver. Shared Export Modules with License are also available for Versions 2.2.7, 2.2.6, 2.2.5, and 2.2.1 Modules.

Loader changes the Buildbox version in memory to version of the Modules placed in Folder with Loader Setup. The version is unchanged, but [ About Box ] shows version of Modules used, and update shows as up to date.

The Previous version Loaders used a timed Window to avoid crack protestion in versions 2.2.6, 2.2.7, 2.2.8, and 2.2.9, but Loaders before version 2.2.6 used a different trick to bypass the crack protection.

2.2.X Loader works on versions: 2.2.1 Build: 1210, 2.2.2 Build: 1224, 2.2.3 Build 1271, 2.2.4 Build 1293, 2.2.5 Build: 1314, 2.2.6 Build: 1337, 2.2.7 Build: 1342, 2.2.8 Build 1360, 2.2.9 Build 1451-Beta-1, 2.2.9 Build 1520-Beta-2, 2.2.9 Build 1580-Beta-3, and 2.2.9 Build 1704 Release.

Version 2.2.1, or 2.2.2 Modules must be used in v2.2.1, and v2.2.2, and v2.2.1 Modules are renamed for v2.2.2. Version 2.2.1, and 2.2.2 Modules won’t work in other Buildbox Versions. Seperate License needed with 2.2.1 Export Module Setup.

Setup installs Activation Loader, License, Modules, and adds Internet License Verification Blocking to Windows Host file. Computer should be Restarted for Host file changes to take effect before starting Buildbox.

See “How to anonymously share License and Modules.txt” in “HELP_&_Block-R-Unblock_2_Download_Modules.rar”. To download Modules to share: Use Block_or_UnBlock_Buildbox.exe to remove from the Windows Host File.

DOWNLOAD : Buildbox 2.2.5 Export Modules – Thanks to: stavro
Buildbox 2.2.5 Export Modules!5B8V1STC!nJJsG6hTj_8yyVpBDqWjQLgrTyNYV2yYo9blj_bL8Ko!yhI2RDxR!HWnPs-GvrPMMV6X-hb8tNcVhFRsnIi3M4G4y5C1CPlw

DOWNLOAD : BuildBox Version 2.2.1 Export Modules setup – 212 meg – Separate License needed with 2.2.1 Export Module Setup.!tZ5VxJ7T!d-F6JwkIFC-gdlqeUzhzfcFusk62tlAYdyewlpWCjLE
Buildbox Version 2.2.1 License for 2.2.1 Modules


Setup 2.3.0 BETA:
Setup 2.2.9 Build 1704:
Setup 2.2.9 Build 1704:
Setup 2.2.9 Build 1580:
Setup 2.2.9 Build 1520:
Setup 2.2.9 Build 1451:
Setup 2.2.8:
Setup 2.2.8:
Setup 2.2.8:
Setup 2.2.7:
Setup 2.2.6:
Setup 2.2.6:
Setup 2.2.5:
Setup 2.2.5:
Setup 2.2.3:
Setup 2.2.2:
Setup 2.2.2:!kNphzIAb!sh_CjiF-KUEP4pO7mP0wD-_RzNZM4dM0SgDtwKXog0c
Setup 2.2.1:

21 Replies to “Buildbox 2.2.9 Full Crack Winx64x32 Activation Loader Download”

  1. HossamCasper

    Hey, didn’t find a solution for : of the 9 Patchs, the following for had Errors! patch : 6, 7, 8, 9
    All was like : ERROR: Patch 7 read memory ,ERROR: Patch 7 read memory ,ERROR: Patch 7 read memory, ERROR: Patch 7 read memory

  2. Tom

    Does anyone know how the country boy hacks the buildbox software… how do he/she do it?

    Please tell…
    It will be a great help to others discovering this software.

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      i have heard that he is a master programmer and master reverse engineer. probbaly have a lot of exp as well thats why he is able to crack programs.

  3. Ginji Amano

    can you also find 2.2.9 Export modules?? we only have 2.2.8 modules for 2.2.9 BB~ thankx

  4. ali

    hello admin.
    i install version 2.2.9 and modules of 2.2.8 but when i do all does not patch/.it does not open ?
    also i hear that this type of crack can not export to apk,

  5. Noureddine

    i don’t understand what you meant by “In order to promote Module sharing: Use of Build 1704 Modules in verion 2.2.9 – Build 1704 is disabled, but previous version Modules work. Use of Build 1704 Modules will be enabled once shared Modules are available.
    License used to download Modules must be shared with the Modules, or the Modules are useless.”
    can you please explain more??

    + if i opened that program for like two hours or so the program start killing it self, by checking license and forcing checking license or exit do you have a workaround at least till we make enough money to buy it for real. Thank you for sharing

  6. Fix

    Build tools or whatever links are dead
    its fucking annoying

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      i am running this website from last 3-4 years and you think i am giving you viruses? :) bro we have a community of 3k members. we dont share shitty viru son this site! join our group for more info and btw that virus alert is called ” False Positive Anti Virus Alarm “


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