By | September 10, 2018

MightyBake v1.4.8 Floating Studio License WIN/Linux/MAC Crack Download CLEAN!

MightyBake is a powerful, yet easy to use, all-in-one texture baking solution for any 3D artist.

High Performance

MightyBake’s hybrid GPU / CPU accelerated baker maximizes your hardware to bake textures ultra fast. The more cores you have, the faster your bakes.

Big Data

Bake millions of polygons using MightyBake’s powerful 64-bit renderer, while capturing every detail with maps up to 8192 x 8192, 16-bits per channel.

Built for Games

Have MightyBake output your maps, error free, in the right tangent space for any of the major game engines without a need for a second application.

Powerful Baking

  • Supports maps up to 8192 x 8192 resolution for ultra high quality results
  • Outputs maps in 16-bits per channel for more precision and less banding
  • Bake a wide variety of map types
    • Tangent space and object space normal maps at the same time
    • Ambient occlusion for richer shading
    • Material ID (Clown)maps for use in other texturing tools, including individual layer masks
    • World space height maps or normalized displacement maps
    • Vertex colours from your high resolution meshes
    • Curvature approximation
    • Thickness approximation
    • World position


asking for qt5core.dll
downloaded and i placed the dll inside windows folder.
giving me new error 0xc000007b
downloaded Directx Gamer Help.exe!l5VVjbDQ!SzNOlx0_BhK9epIM37UqN_DtrewGauBvAffDTNg3D_s

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