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3D LUT Creator 1.40 Full Crack WIN Download CLEAN!

3D LUT  Professional color correction of photos and videos

The 3d LUT Creator 3D – is a program for professional color grading and creating 3DLUT -files that can be imported into a variety of programs for editing photos and video  and used as adjustment layers supported programs 3DLUT’y:.? The Adobe of Photoshop , the Adobe of After Effects , the Adobe the Pro the Premiere , the DaVinci the Resolve , FinalCut the Pro  and others.

Correction in the 3D LUT Creator’e occurs via bending grid tied to the color plane having the saturation and hue. Use of this interface enables a few clicks  how to reverse the colors of the image and work with the right color range individually. 

Unique tools

program you will not find in any other photo or video editor.

The speed and ease of use

It has been appreciated by more than 1,000 users of the program.

Integration with Adobe Photoshop

One click allows you to download LUT in Adobe Photoshop.

The ability to create their 3DLUT’y

They praised the videographer and colorists from around the world.

Permanent functional upgrade

More programs left nobody indifferent.

A / B grid allows a few clicks to change the color of an object by dragging the desired node on the color grid to the desired hue and saturation, without affecting other colors. At the same time the color gradients remain flat and smooth, ie. A. Tool does not work on the masks, but acts like a smooth curve in Photoshop. Hue and saturation of color change, regardless of the brightness. 

C / L grid allows you to control the contrast within the same color. 

VOLUME  allows for 1-click to change the brightness accents parts of the image based on their color and highlight the main subject.


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    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      i think you clicked on green download button, if yes then thats advertisements that i have placed to keep this site running. you have to click on links.

  1. Kuy

    It works for a few times after that it wont save an image or exporting lut to photoshop etc even after the program already being blocked ty windows firewall


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