By | March 8, 2021

SolidRocks 1.9.5 RePack 3DS MAX 2016-2016 Full Crack Download CLEAN!

SoliRocks, For ultimate ease of use, comes with modular GUI and useful tools and settings to stay concentrated on creation instead of loosing time on tedious technical settings. The GUI can be collapsed at any moment into a mini/essential GUI. SolidRocks interface (GUI) can be compacted at any moment (using the “compact UI” button). This give user more room for work, while maintaining access to essential tools (RT, render, create V-Ray objects).

SolidRocks / 3DSMax 1.9.5 is out !

  • Vray 3.3 compatible :
    Progressive, embree, Max ray, proba lights..
  • Presets now Handle both Clasic AA and new VBAA(Vray 3.3) settings.
  • All New Vray 3.3 stuff is accessible via SolidRocks options.
  • Optimized presets ! Render Faster and Cleaner !
  • New glossy subdivs algorithm (low glossiness = more subdivs)
  • New “NO GI” method ! Perfect for dome+VrayAmbientlight exterior animations
  •  Automatic Srgb button (VFB)management
  • Unified picture and elements saving feature
  • Friendly Vray RT preview (max 2013 and 2014 only)
  • Faster MOA Wizard (animation wizard)
  • DR and BB buttons for network rendering
  • FlyThrough animation Wizard !
  • Compatible with SigerShaders
  • 1 click process for complete Vray setup !
  • Modular and small interface (GUI)
  • mini preview for fast feedback
  • auto Exposure and Auto White balance tools
  • friendly and Very simple usage
  • Full LWF gamma correction with useful options
  • modifiable presets : exterior, interior…
  • learn Vray watching SolidRocks at work !
  • shareLightcache tool to speedup slaves warmup
  • materials and lights optimisation for best rendertimes
  • switch from draft to production settings in one click !
  • gain time… Lot of time !!

SolidRocks fully automates the complex setup of V-Ray.
Professional Rendering in V-Ray never was easier.

Simplify your V-Ray life :

  • Cut rendertimes up to x3
  • Animation Wizards
  • Instant 1-clic setup


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