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RayFire 1.69 Full Crack For All 3DS MAX Releases Download CLEAN DIRECT LINKS!

RayFire New feature in build 1.69 is Bullet Rigid Body simulation support.

RayFire’s current Bullet v1 build supports only Rigid Body simulation, it allows to use the same dynamic simulation features supported by PhysX engine, except Constraints.

Next RayFire Bullet v2 build will be released later and will have GPU acceleration and Soft Body simulation support.

RayFire Voronoi modifier allows you to interactively fragment objects to voronoi fragments.   Features: 20 Times faster fragmentation speed Box, Spherical and Cylindrical point cloud distribution with Falloff Radial point cloud distribution Point cloud distribution by Geometry, Particle Systems and Shapes Custom point cloud distribution which allows to gather together all other distribution types and

RayFire Asperity modifier allows you to add detalization to simple fragments.   Features: Delauney triangulation for All Faces, Selected Faces or By Material ID Custom triangle size for Viewport and Rendering Relax for triangulated surface Noise for triangulated surface Soft vertex selection for vertices near not triangulated faces User Interface: Tutorials:
Advanced Slice modifier with all features You may need. Originally we didn’t plan to develop such plugin and worked on writing our own mesh class so we would not be restricted by Max’s Mesh and Poly classes. Now, after our own mesh class is finished, we finally can start porting our plugins to other 3d.
RayFire Clusters modifier allows you to group fragments into more complex clusters.   Features: Fragments clustering Color and Scale preview Amount of clusters and Seed properties Adjustable Persentage of fragments in Clusters Box or Spherical point cloud gizmo Fragments outside gizmo: Single object, Continue Point Cloud, Separate fragments Uniform, Relative and Max Script defined point.
RayFire Voxel modifier allows you to create voxels using geometry volume.   Features: Geometry Voxelization Voxel Size, Spacing and Chamfer properties Random Position, Rotation and Scale variation animatable properties Animated map support for Position, Rotation and Scale Row alternation and Align voxels to face properties Custom properties for Viewport and Render Animatable Voxel gizmo Custom
Special RayFire Bomb helper for creating all kinds of explosions.   Features: Spherical, Cone, Planar and Cylindrical explosion types Unlimited, Linear and Exponential explosion range Strength, Chaos and Spin properties Shockwave property User Interface.
New RayFire Cracks modifier allows you to animate real 3d cracks for objects with refractive material.   Features: Crack revealing by animated Radius property Crack revealing by animated Probablity property Crack revealing by animated Angle to Center property Crack revealing by animated Face Area property Crack revealing by Volume Select modifier Support for animatable textures.
RayFire Trace object allows you to trace images into fragments. Features: Image Tracing to Exterior/White and Interior/Black elements Interior Prefracture Procedural map support Custom Shell for Interior and Exterior per element Custom Offset for Interior and Exterior per element Edge relax for traced cracks Side Externsion for traced image UVW map and Material ID support.
With new RayFire Cache geometry object you can cache thousands of objects, their Transformation, Deformation and Topology animation in single file to keep all mesh and animation data outside of scene. Using variety of playback properties you can get results completely different from what was cached. Separate RayFire Cache for Maya allows to Playback cached.
ProBoolean Uniform   ProBoolean Irregular     ProBoolean Continuous ProBoolean – Relative Mouse Cursor ProBoolean – Relative Pivot Point ProBoolean – Wood Splinters Voronoi – Uniform     Voronoi – Irregular   Voronoi – Radial   Voronoi – Wood Splinters Voronoi – By Geometry – Uses vertices as point cloud   Voronoi .

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