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The Foundry NUKE 10.0v5 Win-Mac-Linux Full Crack Download CLEAN!

NUKE Our industry-leading  range offers cutting-edge toolkits covering node-based compositing, editorial and review across solutions that deliver unparalleled speed, functionality and collaboration possibilities.

Whether you’re a single shot compositor or working across projects end to end, you can find all the tools you need to get the job done fast, without quality compromise, in NUKE STUDIO®, NUKEX® or NUKE.


A unique and seamless combination of visual effects, editorial timeline and review, NUKE STUDIO lets you composite, conform, edit, color-correct, add effects and playback at 4K. With this end-to-end solution, you can run a whole project from a single desktop.

As a supervisor or team lead, NUKE STUDIO’s powerful collaborative controls let you distribute shots, easily manage and review versions, share comments, and make tweaks and adjustments within a single cohesive package.

Compositing and much more
With the full power of NUKEX’s advanced node-based compositing built in, NUKE STUDIO includes all the tools you need to get the job done, whether you’re working alone or as part of a team.
Full online-editing toolkit
With its multi-track editorial timeline, NUKE STUDIO’s intuitive and familiar editorial tools get the job done fast, whether you’re editing on set, conforming online, or just knocking out quick edits.
Collaborative control
Generate and share NUKE scripts, collaborate with annotations, easily manage versions, and make tweaks any time. With NUKE STUDIO, handling multiple shots across a team is a breeze.
Flexible to the core
At its core, NUKE STUDIO shares NUKE’s flexibility, with the ability to script your own tools on the timeline, a Python API, and seamless integration with the other members of the NUKE family.
Speed and efficiency
Work fast and interactively with NUKE’s cutting-edge toolkits, GPU acceleration and fluid workflows. Everything you need to get the job done fast is built in and ready to go.
Power and performance
Built to meet the needs of modern production work, NUKE STUDIO offers unparalleled levels of power and confidence whether you’re a team with a deadline or alone with a client.

NUKE’s extensive node-based compositing toolset gives you the power you need to tackle your projects with confidence. NUKE includes all of the 2D compositing tools you’d expect, together with a full 3D system, plus tools for stereoscopic film and deep image compositing built right in.

NUKE’s unparalleled flexibility, customisability and collaborative workflows help you and your team get the highest quality results—fast. This award-winning toolset is the core that the NUKE range is built on.

Highest quality results
Used by many of the best VFX houses in the industry on the biggest blockbuster movies, NUKE makes producing pixel perfect, film-grade results both painless and creatively satisfying.
Complete compositing toolkit
NUKE’s advanced node-based compositing toolset includes over 200 different nodes, plus a true 3D system, deep compositing tools and support for stereoscopic workflows in the base application.
Speed and efficiency
Work quickly and interactively with NUKE’s cutting-edge toolkits, GPU acceleration and fluid workflows. Everything you need to get the job done fast is built in and ready to go.
NUKE’s node graph, resolution-independent processing, and collaborative nature ensure that the scope of work you can handle with NUKE—both technically and creatively—is unmatched.
Collaborative workflow
Efficient, collaborative workflows lie at the heart of the NUKE range. Whether you’re working in a group of artists or running an effects department, NUKE makes teamwork seamless.
Open and customizable
With major operating system support, low hardware requirements, a Python API and seamless compatibility with other members of the NUKE family, NUKE is a perfect fit for your pipeline.


UPDATED 25 JAN 2021 TO 12.2V3

Make sure you create a desktop icon, or you will get only the start icon for Nuke. Thanks to Stefan !! thanks :D

And if you forgot to create a desktop icon, you can simply add this to your start code in your desktop icon

Example (This is the start code from my PC):
Nuke: F:\Foundry\Nuke\Nuke10.0.exe
NukeX: F\:Foundry\Nuke\Nuke10.0.exe –nukex

NukeX: –nukex
Nuke Studio: –studio
Nuke Assist: –nukeassist

Make sure you use 2 times -, or copy paste :)

Windows 64


Linux 64

Realese Note



20 Replies to “The Foundry NUKE 10.0v5 Win-Mac-Linux Full Crack Download!”

  1. Stefan

    Hello there! I saw I can use NukeX, but I have no idea how to activate it. If I start the license server, it takes nuke_i, and not nukex_i, and when I delete nuke_i, it asks me for a license.

      1. Stefan

        Yes, I’ve tried both, Nuke still takes the Nuke license, and not NukeX/Studio

          1. Stefan

            Problem solved, I didn’t create a desktop icon.

          2. Stefan

            If you create a desktop icon, you get all the Nuke versions

          3. Zaid Sparrow Post author

            wtf just what the hell is wrong with these programs these days :S:S:S:S :? let me update the post with your solution.

          4. Stefan

            If people forgot to create a desktop icon, they can add this simple code to start Nuke X/studio

            Example (My PC):
            Nuke: F:FoundryNukeNuke10.0.exe
            NukeX: F:FoundryNukeNuke10.0.exe –nukex

            NukeX: -nukex
            Nuke Studio: –studio
            Nuke Assist: –nukeassist

          5. Stefan

            Don’t forget to add the / between the big letters, and in the second example for Nuke X, I forgot a -, you need 2 of them and specify the program (X or studio)

          6. Stefan

            It’s really funny that you copy paste things in your post, but I mean, “F:FoundryNukeNuke10.0.exe”, and NukeX: “F:FoundryNukeNuke10.0.exe –nukex” (I hope your comment system does not remove the ),
            and “NukeX: -nukex” does have 1 -, and it needs to be “NukeX: –nukex”

          7. Stefan

            You can replace it with this if you want, improved it a lot :)

  2. Mikhail

    I already installed Nuke, but it has license issue. Can you please explain on how can I solve license issue by installing Xforce magic tool? Which file exactly do I have to install if my OS is windows x64?

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      fist use CCLeaner to completely uninstall nuke(if you have to) then simple install it again by using the links i gave. follow instructions in the folder and you are all done

  3. Hdast

    Hi, I’m really sorry to bother you all! But I cannot for the life of me get Nuke to work on my Mac. Do I copy and paste the information in terminal? If so it didn’t work… I think I’m losing my mind and it probably will be the easiest of solutions!! Either way I would be so very grateful for your help in getting this program up and running! Non commercial censors too much!

    Many thanks again in advance



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