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AE Pixel Sorter AEScripts For After Effects Full Crack Download CLEAN!

AE Pixel Sorter lets you create and experiment with pixel sorting in After Effects with ease. Updated version 1.1 with new features !

AE Pixel Sorter is the first tool that makes pixel sorting available for motion designers and video editors. Experimenting with pixel sorting algorithms just became so much easier! You can choose and animate all the classic pixel sorting modes, play with the threshold and get near-live feedback of what you’re doing. Pixel sorting effects adds a fresh take on ditigal glitch art and goes well with any glitches and datamoshing!

I’m very happy to release this plugin, hoping it will help generating awesome images with an innovative look.

This first version is released to make pixel sorting in After Effects available as quickly as possible. There is a lot of ideas out there and a lot of things to come in further free updates!

Have fun sorting !

New Features in v1.1

Sort from another layer,
Animate growth
Output greyscale maps to use with other effects.
Current features

Sorting modes
Simple : arranges pixels from darkest to brightest
Random: randomly reposition pixels, resulting in a cool colored grain
Highlights: sorts the bright pixels of the image
Shadows: sorts the dark pixels of the image
Sort all pixels
Adjustable threshold
Animate the growth of the resulting streaks
Keyframable paramaters
Output modes
Matte: what pixels have changed so you can animate transitions or reveal between layers
Map: Black to white gradient of the sorted streaks. To use in conjunction with other effects like Displacement Map

Downloads: UPDATED 16 jan 2021

57 Replies to “AE Pixel Sorter AEScripts For After Effects Full Crack Download”

  1. Erick

    This does work for mac, I haven’t tried the WIN versin. In MAC you have to download the dmg and then you open the Special K app when installed (it’s a funny name). When you open it, it ask you to find and select the PIXEL SORTER plugin(so yes, you can download the original plugin from the original website) and then the Special K app applies the patch. Finally, you open AE and apply the pixel sorting effect and in the ‘Registrer’ panel you introduce whatever that comes to your mind and voila!

    Btw, thank you Zaid for uploading this! I’ve been looking for it for months!

      1. eloides23

        When I try to open the app I get a pop-up that say AE Pixel Sorter 1.x [SP] left unexpectedly.

          1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

            i dont know why and how this script worked for my friends :S i’m really sorry but i cant say any thing as its completely out of my mind.

          2. eloides23

            Maybe if you send me your aepixelsorter.plugin file and I try to use it it would work ?

          3. eloides23

            I’m so sorry to bother you but maybe you can give me the one your friend gave or maybe ask him to post the link of his file

  2. lulzzzz

    you got a license code i can use ? tried both links and i still get the watermark

  3. tomie2

    Hi Zaid, the first dropbox link is version 1.1.3 but there is no registration code for it on Windows. The crack for the other one only works on Mac. Thought I’d post this here and let you and other users know. Atm only the v1.0.2 one works with Windows.

  4. jj33

    Nice plugin and thanks for sharing, hope we can get a working code to activate it on windows, or i could be wrong but when i type something at register field it says licence deactivated but it still let me use the plugin. Also i searched for newest version but had no luck.

  5. Aziz

    Bro please crack 1.1.3 for windows, These versions are for mac, We need windows, the only working version for windows is 1.0.2
    Plz bro <3

      1. Aziz

        But windows version = plugin pre-cracked, You just put any key in the license and it activates, But 1.1.3 version here is for mac only, and if i download from aescripts it doesnt work because its legit version… Plz man

          1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

            i have updated the link, just use that patch, copy and paste the file f you have to its that simple :/ download it and you will figure it out dont worry

  6. CESON

    Only v1.0.2 for windows? Why so? The .aex for windows comes pre-cracked and there’s no crack to activate the official 1.1.3 for windows to be found whatsoever in any of these links, if there is, please let me know where. Because the instructions say:

    “just drag & drop the target
    file or use the “Select…” button.

    After patching, in the Register dialog,
    enter anything in the License field
    and click the Activate button.”

    WHat target file? If it’s a .aex there isn’t one.
    What select button?

    I might be missing something but this seems incomplete.

  7. Roma

    -How to use patch for Win?

    “To apply this patch, just drag & drop the target
    file or use the “Select…” button.

    After patching, in the Register dialog,
    enter anything in the License field
    and click the Activate button.

    This Patcher should also work with future
    versions of AE Pixel Sorter.”

    -I have just aex Pixel sorter file, what should I drag & drop? Or what should I select? Help me please

          1. Andrew

            Instruction says:
            To apply this patch, just drag & drop the target
            file or use the “Select…” button.
            So, whats the name of than target file? I can find it in CONTENTS folder and others. Where I can fin “Select…” button?

          2. Zaid Sparrow Post author

            fk it. :/ wait for another update i dont even know what i was trying to say any more wtf is wrong here fk it just fk it

  8. Andrew

    Hi! Im glad to find this plug-in hacked, but I cant to install it. Can you write normal instruction please? Where I should take main plugin and how i can crack it? Which one file i have to replace? In your zip-file we can find only stuff-files like folders unknown-files and pictures. There are no .aex files and no patch-files. Can you give correct name of file which one we must use in cracking? Thank you.
    Looking forward for early rply,

  9. David

    I’m having an issue, I manage to make it work in my computer at home, but at work it doesn’t even show in the list of plug-ins… it’s very weird. Any idea what might be the cause? How to fix it?


    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      i’d love to help you, but i will have to look into this and it cant be done right now or in next few days i am really busy please join our group and ask there.

  10. galacticvoyager

    Where do I find Pixel Sorter 2?

    Can’t find this one anywhere


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