By | September 10, 2018

Superhelix v1.0 SplineDynamics Full Crack Free Download also supports 3DS Max 2016

SuperHelix is a professional tool to create complex helix splines for 3D modeling, Animation and VFX.

Make convoluted objects like DNA strands, ropes, tornado-like shapes, balls of wool, woven wicker baskets, tangled cables, wires, springs, intricate knots and a lot more.

Build custom deformed helical paths to animate your objects, characters or particle systems.

This is a powerful time-saving tool for artists and professionals in Motion Graphics, CG Animation, 3D Design, Game Art, VFX, Graphic Design, Industrial Design and Architecture.


  • Editable gizmo for intuitive volumen/flow manipulation
  • Adjustable shape sections allow a precise control over the final shape.
  • Native generation of helix along an editable path
  • Helical flow control options give the spline a more appealing aspect
  • Controls for both local/absolute rotations in perpendicular axes
  • Creation of multiple helical splines in a single step
  • Built-in spline growth animation
  • Thoughtful ready-made presets make an excellent starting point
  • Resulting helix is a standard editable spline object, easy to modify.

SuperHelix Pro vs. SuperHelix Free

We offer 2 versions of Superhelix: Free and Pro. If you don’t know the product, Superhelix Free is a very good choice to start and see what this script is capable of.

You will be able to upgrade to SuperHelix Pro at any time. There’s no need to reinstall the product. You just need to purchase it to get a license key and then activate it clicking a button at the script interface.

The free version is very powerful but it’s only suitable for personal or small projects. The Pro version, on the other hand, is ideal to work on big professional projects.


buy and support them!

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