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Atiles Pro 2.52 For 3DS MAX 2014-2016 Full Crack/Patch Free Download CLEAN!

ATiles Pro

Atiles Pro version includes all the features of the free version plus:

  • Create ATiles object with one click from roof plane, geometry or spline.
  • Cache mesh for speed. Store inside ATiles object generated geometry for viewport and render.
  • Re-create mode. Rebuild objects without losing material or connection to other objects.
  • More advanced tools – Volume, Path(beta) and Surface(beta) tools.
  • Random transformations of the tiles – Rotate, Move and Scale.

UI Buttons and Shortcuts:

  • To add a keyboard shortcut or toolbar button for ATiles ToolBox go to 3ds Max menu, select: Customize > Customize User Interface… > in “Keyboard” or “Toolbar” tab select Group: Main UI and Category: AvizStudioTools. Assign keyboard shortcut to “ATiles Tool” from “Keyboard” tab or from “Toolbar” tab drag and drop “ATiles Tool” to a new or existing toolbar to create UI button for the script (for Windows 7 or Vista you may need to run 3ds max as administrator).

Advanced Tools

[ToolBox] Button – Start new floating window in which user can control all preferences of ATiles object for selection of one or multiple objects.

Advanced Tools – Region – Define region to interact with the ATiles object. Use [Pick Region…] button to pick custom shape from the scene. With [X] button user can delete selected custom shape and with [U] button user can update selected custom shape. Script store only the name of the chosen shape. If you rename or delete original object in the scene, update button will not work. Script use standard Boolean operations with the defined region – Subtract and, Intersect. Select None to ignore the region.

Advanced Tools – Volume – Same as region but instead of shape you can define closed mesh as volume.(New in version 2.0)

Advanced Tools – Path (beta) – Define path for the object. Still in beta. (New in version 2.0)

Advanced Tools – Surface (beta) – Define surface for the object. Still in beta. (New in version 2.0)

Path/Surface Options: Align – Set custom point of allegement for Path and Surface Tools. (New in version 2.0)

Path/Surface Options: Align Point X,Y,Z – Use to shift the point of allegement. When X=0, Y=0, Z=0 the align point is the closest point to origin and when X=100, Y=100, Z=100 is the farthest point. (New in version 2.0)



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