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Compositing a Cell Phone Lynda After Effects Full Course Free Direct Links Download

Compositing a Cell Phone. The mobile app market is saturated. If you can show clients or investors how the app works—before any time or money has been invested into a lengthy development cycle—it can help speed up approval and funding.

Compositing , Andy Needham shows how to take the app mockup created in the companion course, After Effects: Creating a Mobile App Interface, and composite it into live-action footage of a smartphone. Compositing a Cell Phone final product is an animated promo video that helps visualize how the app will be used on a real device. Andy also covers storyboarding, tracking, keying, color correction, and a few audio tips. By the end of the course, you’ll have more experience with the screen replacement workflow in After Effects and have a web-ready deliverable ready to share with the world.

Topics include:

  • Planning with a storyboard
  • Filming the phone
  • Importing the live-action footage in After Effects
  • Retiming the animation
  • Tracking the shot in mocha AE
  • Keying the screen with Keylight
  • Adding an animated logo
  • Rendering the shot
  • Color correcting the composite
Subject: Compositing a Cell Phone
Software: After Effects
Author: Andy Needham




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