By | September 10, 2018

Learn how you can put 3D Objects using Element 3D in After Effects

Hi Guys! In this short and beginner friendly tutorial learn how you can easily put 3D objects like bullets, buildings and other stuff right in to your own videos using very simple techniques.

With this simple tutorial you can learn many new and amazing techniques like 3D tracking, using Null Objects and placing stuff etc. Use the link given below to download Element 3D if you dont already have it.

Credits : Ryan – Film Riot. Thanks Buddy! :)

Download Element 3D V2 – Windows

Download Element 3D 1.6 Windows

Download Element 3D MAC

4 Replies to “Put 3D Objects in your Videos using Element 3D Basics!”


    Hey ZAID, didn’t know you can upload tutorials too…
    Can you upload these

    1. Lighting a Video Interview
    2. Video Production Techniques: Promotional Videos.

    Just how can I repay you?


    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      You don’t have to repay. but if you still can, theres a donate button. And I’ll look for these tutorials. You’re most welcome ;)


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