By | September 10, 2018

Put 3D Flying Object/Blob/Ball in your Footage, using Element 3D Cool VFX

Hi guys! welcome back to another great and exciting tutorial. This time, you will learn how you can put some cool 3D objects or flying things in your footage in a very very easy way just by using Element 3D.

By simply learning this tutorial, you will be able to do many different and cool new things just by using the same techniques used in this video so lets get started.

Credits Goes to : Tobias, Surfaced Studio – Thanks!

2 Replies to “Element 3D Tutorial – Floating 3D Ball/Blob Integration!”

  1. Jack

    Hey there! I have a question,
    I have AE 2015 v13.5, also I install Video copilot 3D v3.2, but whe I try to open a template like 3D flags not show me anything.
    can u help me?

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      Hi, Thats because you are doing something wrong with layers may be. Try watching a tutorial on YouTube. I dont think that this problem has anything do with AE or 3D.


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