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Motion Boutique Newton 2.1.22 Win/Mac CS5 CC 2014 Direct Links Download

Note: Make sure you have After Effects CS5,CS6 or CC 2014 :) I dont know if its going to work with the latest releases of After Effects.

Main Features

2D layers in AE become rigid bodies in Newton
Supports masks, text and shape layers
Handles collision, friction, bounciness, gravity and much more
6 types of body (static, dynamic, kinematic, AEmatic, dormant and dead)
4 types of joints (distance, pivot, piston and spring)
that allow you to connect bodies to each other with specific constraints
Provides clean, efficient and easy to use interface
Fast preview, fast export to keyframes
Comprehensive user’s guide with illustrative animations for almost every property.

Create chain of bodies with the Distance Joint.
Elasticity can be added to create soft Distance Joint.

Force bodies to share a common anchor point with the Pivot Joint.
Angle limits and motor can be added to the joint.

Impose a translation axis to the bodies with the Piston Joint.
Translation limits and motor can be added to the joint.

Create springy force between bodies using the Spring Joint.

Downloads: Updated 24/JAN/2021

14 Replies to “Motion Boutique Newton 2.1.22 Win/Mac CS5 CC 2014 Download”

  1. Hyde

    Do you know how to get Newton to work on Mac. In the folder its the trial version, which restricts the frames recorded to 25

  2. King Justice

    I am Foday Justice A. Kamara from Sierra Leone. I downloaded the Newton Plugin but it is also a trial version like the other I have before. please help me I don’t have money to buy the plugin. because dollars are worth millions in our country.

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      Ohh I havent used this and i didnt know that this is a trial, actually these type of softwares/[plugins arent available every where. These things are very hard to find specially clean(free from virus) ones. But I will try my best to look it for you, Thanks have a nice day Foday Justice!


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