By | June 8, 2024

Yea its happening. Adobe has released some kinda clarification too but of course the cats out of the box now, theres no going back now. sorry Schrödinger.


some random azz adobe guy on twitter has said “every cloud service requires a license “solely for the purpose of operating…” – this has been there for over a decade, but our summary language didn’t clarify – we posted a clarification here since this suddenly escalated”

yea you cant open the link above either unless you sign in, not helping adobe’s case at all.

to which he has received a quite befitting reply, posted below for your entertainment

“I give precisely zero f*cks about Adobe’s clarifications or blog posts.

You forced people to sign new Terms. Legally they are the only thing that matters. These Terms state black on white that you will now have irrevocable license to use my content for pretty much any purpose you want. One way to avoid needing a clarification or customer outrage is by not trying to screw your customers over.

Pretending that this wasn’t intentional only makes Adobe and its employees look even more pathetic.”

I am sure every pirate right now is personally thanking Adobe for giving a rise to piracy.

Now the great news is, you can pretty much do everything in Affinity Apps that you could using photoshop or illustrator and they got a whooping 50% discount. For more info check out the link below:

I am tired I dont even wanna write anything here, f– adobe.

A good list of alternative programs which you can use for free, instead of Shitobe.


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  1. Adobes testicle

    I am a retarded adobe fan boy and unless I shill for adobe i cant digest food

    1. Sensei Post author

      Damn. Thats a serious condition. I think you need to unplug the adobe plug from your as*. Might work.


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