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Shelf Tools for Houdini to facilitate general workflow improvements and efficiency. Its an ever growing collection of Houdini Tools.

Last updated on 11/17/2023 (v4.83). The download link in your account will always link to the latest version.
Previous ODTools for Houdini customers should have received their coupon for the update. Please use it.

Please check regularly within the ODTools Main Menu for updates, as the updates come quite frequently.

You can find a comprehensive tool overview as well as the latest documentation here


Works with all versions of Houdini Licensing ( Apprentice | Indie | CORE | FX ) – Python 2 & 3 builds
(currently supported Houdini 18.0 – 20.0 – use in older versions may vary)
All Material Creation Methods now support Octane, Redshift, 3Delight, Renderman, VRay & Arnold
OD Copy/Paste HDA with enhanced functionality for Houdini Users.(Both SOP and OBJ Level)
Added Drag & Drop functionality as exhibited in this Video.
OBJ & MTL Exporter
Copy Selected Sop Nodes to new Geo.
Move Selected Sop Nodes to new Geo.
Easy Syntheyes camera import of .clip format
Create Render Batch Script creates a batch file that can be used to easily render multiple hip files at any point (like an end of day render)
MultiPBR Import takes selected images and builds material networks, based on their filename selection set. Octane & Redshift supported.
Prim Group Split splits Primitive Groups into Sub Geo Objects, and optionally puts the pivots at each centroid.
Match Materials assigns materials based on object/material name matching
Import/Export Networks: Allows for the easy export/import of entire node networks to/from files. Upon import, the all nodes are recreated.
Video for the last few additions
Go To Frame: Allows you to quickly jump to a frame on the timeline. Calculations are supported, such as 25+5 would go to frame 30
Obj Anim to Sop Xform: Quickly allows you to transfer the object level animation (translation/rotation/scale) into a transform sop inside the obj.
Bridge to RizomUV from Rizom-Labs as well as an HDA to keep the proceduralism while using Rizom. (video)
Bridge to Substance painter (video)
Light Placer: Allows you to place lights interactively by clicking where you want rays to hit on the object. (video)
Asset Library Tool: Easy organization of geometry/hda’s/images etc with thumbnail view. (video coming soon)
Snippet Manager: Easy organization of commonly used Vex/Python code for use in wrangles, python nodes, as well as storing common node setups. (video)
Parameters to Attributes: A simple way to convert node ui parameters (for example an hda with parameters or a control node with parameters) into attributes that you can just feed through the network.
Converter for Grove3D Trees (from Blender)
Image to OpenGL: Lets you select an image node, and assign it to an openGL Channel. Very useful when used in conjunction with octane/redshift which typically dont show they image assignments in openGL
shop_materialpath to Matnet: creates all materials referenced in a shop_materialpath attribute.
File Cycle: changes the filepath input of a selected node(s) to the next or previous file in the directory for quick access.
Prims to Bones. Takes primitives and creates a bonechain along them with optional IK Setup.
Create Out: To speedup the creating of “OUT” nulls, this takes all selected Nodes and creates an OUT_ null for each.
create/delete key at frame. Quickly allows to you create or delete keyframes at certain (multiple frames)
view to camera. Quickly allows you to set the position/rotation of a camera to that of the current viewport.
Camera from Octane EXR for Blackmagic Fusion: Creates a camera from the exr metadata of an octane render
Octane QuickSetup – Your one stop node to setup and control Octane
Per Renderer Material setup – essentially replaces the material sop, giving you one material per renderer.
Import of XYZ point files.
node to image snapshot – save an image of the viewport for each node.
Tool to convert an agent with transform sop into an agent with locomotion channels.
OpenGL Preview HDA – to quickly create an opengl preview to movie files with overlays
ffmpeg HDA – quickly convert image sequences to movie files with overlays
Bake Height to Image – for easy height baking to a displacement.
Instance by Attribute – Extremely efficient way to setup random instancing.
Reference Manager: Quickly overview external references/files/caches and manage them.
Localize External Files: lets you copy files into your $HIP or $JOB or Custom folder.
Unit Measure calculation and conversion as input to any numeric field.
Move Selection to Geo and Object Merge. This tool lets you select sop level nodes, and merge them into a new geo node, keeping the original connections alive via object merges. Very useful for cleaning up/separating messy node flows.
Motion Path HDA that simply displays motion paths for items in real time with a variety of options.
Create Filecache for selected Node: quickly sets up a filecache node for selected nodes in the network view.
QuickMaterial Assignment lets you assign a material that does not exist yet.
CopyOBJMotion: Quickly copies the keyframes of one object to one or multiple other objects.
Material Converter: Converts principled shaders (i.e.. from fbx imports) to Octane/Redshift/3Delight/Renderman or VRay materials
Image to Cop: simply creates a copnet of a selected image and links the original image to that. Great for quickly color correcting an image
Combine obj to sop merge: quickly combines all selected obj level nodes into a new geo node via object merges
Material viewport picker lets you quick jump to the material that the click in the viewport hits.
Obj to Lops: Sends objects level nodes to lops
Octane Quick Material – sop level material assignment and creation at extreme speed and efficiency
Easy Quixel Conversion to Octane Quick Material
List All Matnets – simply lists all the material networks for easy selection in case you find them scattered around.
ability to split sop nodes into their own hip file
Project Selector: a simple pipeline tool making your project management easier.
Julienne Node: makes it simple to slice an object (or group of prims)
Export Particles to .pfx format
Video description of some of the OD Houdini Shelf Tools
Export OBJ with automatic Scene/Object Replacement Setup
Export OBJ Sequences with Motion Vectors. These motion vectors can for example be used to compute Motionblur (In Lightwave 2019 the db&w’s Vector Motion blur is required and can be obtained via db&w’s Patreon.
Any application with the ability to read vertex maps from the OBJ should be able to use the vectors for motion blurring.
MDD File Cache Export
LW Import (Scene) allows the easy object/animation transfer to Houdini
LW Import (Motion) allows you to easily load an items motion from Lightwave into Houdini
LWO Importer
OD Copy/Paste (Easy exchange of geometry with other applications (not just Lightwave) 

Downloads: show love to dev by purchasing if you can afford it


Filename:ODHoudiniShelfTools2021 vfxmed .rar

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