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Reallusion 3D products Character Creator & iClone grant everyone, from beginners to professionals, with a complete system for creation and compatibility. An artistic toolbox assists users to create, without the need to model every asset or animate every key frame. Our tools guide new users with achievable creativity in their very first hours, while offering seasoned creators a practical path to import and succeed with their own assets in a complete real-time environment. Reallusion has democratized animation and character design for 3D creators, by making ambition the only prerequisite to animate.

Character Creator 4 (CC4) enlivens and gives personality to any biped humanoid, whether they are humans or creatures. Imagination and creativity are no longer limited by an existing character base; any rigged character can be imported, characterized, and optimized in Character Creator 4. Characters will be fully compatible with iClone for lip-syncing, facial/body animation, and also be ready for mocap animations to save time in production.


iClone 8 (iC8) is a massive innovation for motion creation and editing. The Motion Director system debuts game player controls to pilot characters, apply motion triggers and direct dynamic cameras and scenes in realtime. Additionally, Motion editing with automatic blending tools, motion layer editor, footstep locking and a new robust facial system are ready to help power your next production.

The following are the new features revealed in Part One of Work-in-Progress Preview:

Enliven Any Character Rig
Animation Preview, Display and Render
Advanced Facial Performance
Custom Expression Blendshapes
Asset Import, Prop Editing, and Optimization Using InstaLOD
Other Enhancements 

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  1. Moonknight

    Hey! Pls, send me the discord link to join. I would love to join the discord but it seems it’s suddenly not valid anymore. kindly help.

      1. acideffects

        “” or “” neither of them is not working.. and can i get the download link ?. I am not spamming! please help

  2. Nick

    Hey Zaid, thanks for this update to CC3, you really help poor artists like me!! Cheers

  3. andrey

    Character Creator v4 2022 Update + Content Packs Crack Download how to download

  4. Lex

    Content browser isnt working :(
    Says: character creator failed to onnect to the local database


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