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Adobe Substance 3D Painter is a powerful application that allows you to paint 3D textures on your model in real time. From advanced brushes to smart materials that automatically adapt to your model, the program has the tools you need to comfortably texture 3D assets based on your natural hand gestures. Adobe Substance 3D Painter is widely used in game and film production, as well as in the design, clothing and architecture industries. It is a 3D texturing application that will come in handy for creative professionals around the world.

Benefits of the fresh version of Adobe Substance 3D Painter:

– Powerful drawing engine.
Draw 3D models using dynamic brushes, projection tools, or particles. Painter also supports Photoshop brush sets.

– Smart tools for creating artwork
Use Smart Materials, which adapt to any object and allow you to realistically display surface texture or wear marks. Use mask styles that adapt to any shape, and draw with efficient, dynamic tools.

– You only pay for what you buy
Painter’s state-of-the-art preview window shows you all your artistic decisions in real time. Try sophisticated materials with enhanced lighting and shadows, making texturing even more creative and painless. You can even preview your model in path tracing mode.

– Non-destructive workflow
Painter records every action and stroke, and you can recount them at any time. This means that you can change the resolution of your project at any time without compromising quality, or even change existing paint strokes.

What the author of the build has changed:
– The build is based on the standalone Adobe installer, version, which is not available to the general public.
– From the installer except for the bare minimum necessary cut module Adobe Desktop Common, installed by the original installer on a mandatory basis.
– Adobe Creative Cloud module, installed by the original installer on a mandatory basis, is completely cut out of the installer.
– Installer provides choice of installation path, as well as the ability to run the program immediately after installation is complete.
– The ability to install the program on Windows 10 lower versions has been unlocked.
– Adobe Substance 3D Painter core module has been updated to version
– The program has been cured. You can use it right after installation.
CRC Matches from original source and checked by C45 

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