By | October 8, 2022

Grab-it Addon

Grab-it is an addon developed to help animators easily attach objects to other objects or characters and also drop these objects during and/or after an animation.

Before grab-it, for a simple grab animation you would have to use fidgety constraints or duplicate the object and animate its visibility. This tedious method has discouraged many BlenderArtists from creating interactive animations. We’re excited to release Grab-it and we hope it serves you well.

Interactive tutorials are also included in the package

Grab : Go to the point in time (on the timeline) where you would like an object (or bone) to grab another object and press grab

Parent : After clicking grab, select the object you would like to grab and press parent

Drop : Go to the point in time when you would like to drop the object and press drop

Markers : Creates markers to indicate where an object was picked and where it was dropped

Bone Detection : Uses the last selected bone to grab object if you’re in object mode/pose mode

Clear : Has options to clear markers and also clear all grab operations

Motion blur : Works perfectly when rendering with motion blur

Lightweight : Your humble 5kb add-on sits quietly in your sidebar

Start & End Button : Since you’re animating, a start and end button has been added to your timeline so you don’t have to type in the preview range all the time 

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev! updated 10 oct 2022

Official Discord :

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