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Forester is a new 3D technology for creating natural elements such as trees, plants, grass and rocks, and scattering them over terrain. Forester elements are completely animatable with our proprietary HyperWind® technology to deliver hyper-realistic wind animation effects with absolutely minimal effort.

For Forester on R20, we added support for Multi-Instances, which are memory efficient instances that display and render much faster than normal render instances. Forester’s implementation of Multi-Instances is super fast and is compatible with all render engines that support Multi-Instances.

Another feature in Forester for R20 was the addition of Instance Color Variation in Forester’s MultiCloner. This is an easy to use technique to add natural color variations to trees, plants or any type of scattered objects.

Forester trees now support the Cinema 4D Variation shader for the random coloring of leaves.

The Forester MultiCloner now hides the child objects automatically, similar to the Mograph Cloner object.

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!

Copy Forester folder in your Cinema4D installation directory in the Plugins folder, do the same for expansion pack!


Filename: Frester v1.4.9 Plus Expansion Pack1 v1.1.9 For C4D R23 Win _

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link update 23 feb 2021

6 Replies to “Forester v1.4.9 + Expansion Pack v1.1.9 C4D R23 Crack Download”

  1. chris

    I know it says R23 in the title, but will this not be compatible with R21? I can’t seem to find a legit link.

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      it doesnt work on r21 tho it works s24 –
      If you’re using Cinema 4D S24 then install Forester R23.

      1. Open Cinema 4D S24.
      2. Click on Edit, Preferences then click on “Open Preferences Folder” at the
      bottom left corner.
      3. Past the 3 Folders : “Forester” “Expansion Pack 1 & 2” inside plugins.

      Your directory should look like this:
      AppData\Roaming\Maxon\Maxon Cinema 4D R24_C2A528F6\plugins


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