By | January 23, 2021

Use to automatically optimize the geometry of your high-resolution model to create a clean, quad-based mesh. Useful for removing artifacts and other mesh issues for animation and rigging, these tools can also be used to apply textures and manipulate objects.

A clean 3D topology is key to achieving professional results. When a model’s vertices, edges, and faces are better organized, animations will appear much more fluid and rendering will require less memory. Poorly-optimized meshes can also create visual artifacts as well as problems when applying modifiers. Using the Retopology Tools for 3ds Max, you can quickly correct many common problems introduced by a less than optimal mesh.

Retopology Best Practices
The following tools and techniques will help you quickly achieve great results when working with Retopology Tools for 3ds Max.Retopology works best when an object contains uniform, equally-distributed faces. A number of modifiers are available that can help optimize the mesh before beginning the operation or if you encounter areas after computing that are still not desirable.

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Filename: Retopology3dsMax2021-1.0.0-198 _

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