By | August 8, 2021

50 high resolution textures to add scratches, dents, and dings to your highly polished 3D surfaces, giving them depth and realism. Install with a click using the Greyscalegorilla Plus Library.

Do you have an itch for more realism in your renders? Scratch it by wrecking your perfect materials and adding another level of believability. Click and drag any of the high quality textures from the Plus Library into your renderer of choice, and use them to break up smooth reflections, layer and mask out materials, create divots on that smooth surface, and so much more.This collection includes 50 carefully hand-crafted scratch maps. Use one, layer them up.

The combinations are endless. Let your imagination run wild.
Scratch up your surfaces with perfect high resolution detail. Each individual map is 4K and tileable, so you can focus in for some super tight details and scale to whatever your model calls for.

Muck up that carefully crafted model with the myriad tiny details a good scratch map gives. All with a simple drag, drop, and connect to any of your material parameters.

50 scratch maps, infinite possibilities. Layer your scratch maps over each other, or apply different maps for different effects. A bold gouging of your pretty painted surface that reveals a subtly scratched base material below, varying levels of scratch on your main surface, the list goes on. Run wild with experimentation.

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!

UPDATED 8-8-2021

Filename: Greyscalegorilla Surface Imperfections Scratches Maps patch

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