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Pixels are stretched on a subpixel precision according to their brightness. The stretching is cumulative for every row or column, which means a pixel offsets all the following pixels on its line. This produces much more organic looking patterns compared to what you get using simple effects like “line stretch”. The basic effect is similar to what you’d get on an old analog TV, but all the knobs this filter provides give you much more possibilities!

Usage hints
You can replicate the simple “line stretch” effect like by:
adjusting the Stretch Start Offset to desired row/column
increasing Pixel Stretch and Pixel Size values to maximum
If you want the line stretch to be more organic, try tweaking the Distribution Mode and Range.
Use more instances of the effect on the same layer/clip. Stretch Start Offset used together with Distribution Mode and Range are handy to alter only the desired part of the image.
Edge Mode set to Transparent with Transparency Feather on are useful for transitions. The same goes for using Shading Opacity with the layer’s opacity.
Extending narrow images – apply the effect twice in opposite directions. Set Stretch Start Offset on both to around 60-80% according to the aspect ratio, Distribution Mode to ‘Linear Ramp Up,’ Distribution Range to 0.1-0.2, and finally tweak Pixel Stretch and Pixel Size value until you fill the whole width. Try different Stretch Curves and Stretch Curve Phases to find the ones that best fit your image. 

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!

Filename: Pixel Stretch v1.1.0 _

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UPDATED 16 march 2024

Pixel Stretch v1.1.0 _

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