By | November 10, 2020

Bend spherical panoramas into dizzying new shapes. With HDR support, stereographic little planets, cube maps, cartography, polyhedra, and zenith/nadir retouching formats.

Memory dots for quick access to favorite settings

Remove tripods with zenith & nadir mode

Export 3D panorama models

Handle images up to 30,000 pixels square

Export cube faces for Unity

High-quality anisotropic sampling

Sharpen & de-halo

Plus: 8/16/32-bit color. Four hundred output projections including Omnimax®, Lego® plans, various cube maps, standard cartographic projections, Peirce Quincuncial, sphericons, geodesic spheres, developables, curved-fold origami, and a spikeball. One-click to Photos app. Export custom-size PSDs. Sharpening and polyhedron options. Automatic EXIF-friendly tags. Make LDraw files. Export polyhedra to OBJ and STL formats. Thirty-four kinds of input including equirectangular, polar, mirror ball, cylindrical, orthographic, Mollweide, fisheye, globe-gores, tiles, Mercator, mylar balloons, and Spinner 360° cameras.

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!

Filename: Flaming Pear Flexify 2.9 Photoshop Win _

Recommended link below => FULL SPEED.

After launching this plugin (before work in it!) click “Register”, leave all fields empty, then click ‘OK” in opening window. That’s all.

if theres no file extension like .zip or .rar then dont worry just right click on it and click decompress it will work. 7-zip is recommended. it always works fine.
above links dead? use these mirrors below! also includes zippyshare + openload links!

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