By | August 13, 2021

ZBrush’s default subdivision will smooth the mesh (which causes loss of detail), and shrink the mesh (especially at the edges), so your low-resolution and high-resolution mesh will not match.
This macro allows you to subdivide the ZBrush mesh in another way, reducing shrinkage and preserving the details of the mesh, which is very useful for organic meshes such as humanoids and creatures (soft edges), if Use on hard surface meshes will produce artifacts.
Please use with caution.

-Extract and copy the “Poligone” folder in the .ZIP file to the ZStartup\Macros folder in the ZBrush installation path (located at C:\Program Files\Pixologic\ZBrush\ZStartup\Macros\ by default).
-Restart ZBrush.

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!


Filename: Poligone – ZBrush Non-Destructive SubDivision patch

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