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This informative textbook for bird artists is a comprehensive survey of the complete bird from head to tail. The book is full of masterly illustrations that are clear and easy to understand, including black and white working drawings, examples of the artist’s field studies and exquisite colour illustrations. The examples are mostly of Australian birds. Every part of the bird’s body is outlined in detail with informative text and helpful drawing instructions.

For this second edition, the text has been revised and updated, and many illustrations upgraded and replaced. 

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  1. Natalia Balo

    Illegal unlicensed PDF of my book on your website
    I am Natalia Balo, the author and owner of the copyright to Bird Anatomy for Artists, an illegal PDF copy of which is distributed on your website. I request that the illegal PDF of my book be removed from your websites and your publication collection immediately.
    I am the author, illustrator, publisher, distributor, and sole rights holder of Bird Anatomy for Artists. Any copying and publishing of my book on the Internet or on any other platform is illegal. I sell printed books on Ebay, Amazon, and my website: The book is also available at select bookstores worldwide (see links below).
    Publishing a copy of my book in unlicensed PDF format significantly affects my sales revenue, and tarnishes my reputation as an artist. Please remove the pirate PDF copy of my book from your website.
    Thank you, Dr Natalia Balo
    Dr Natalia A Balo
    (BFA, MFA, PhD)
    [email protected]
    Facebook: Natalia Balo Fine Art


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