By | July 1, 2021

E-Cycles is the fastest photorealistic renderer for Blender. You can get up to 2.5x faster path tracing out of the box. E-Cycles is as easy to install as unpacking a zip and is 100% compatible with Blender/Cycles. Get it now and save both money and a huge amount of time. Using the fast profile, the RTX version is even up to 4.7x faster than the OptiX version of Cycles!

Path tracing gives very good results but is often slow, has a lot of settings and requires expensive hardware. Render farms require long uploads and downloads, are limited to some Blender versions and are expensive in the long term. Real-time renderers are fast but have a limited quality level regarding lightning and complexity, they also require a lot of manual tricks, which brake when the scene is changed, sometimes even with a simple camera move. They also require to tweak the scene when coming from Cycles.

E-Cycles is fast, stable and simple to use. Out of the box, it’s most of the time like doubling your GPU power. So if you have a GTX 1070, you get around 300€ worth of GPU power, with a 2080Ti, above 1200€ worth of GPU power. By selecting a render preset, and using the new AI denoiser, you can even get render archviz interiors under 10 seconds on a single GPU.

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!



Filename: E_cycles_2.90_v20200614_win GTX PATCH VFXMED.COM..7z

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