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Import and annotate key video frames of an actor.

Retarget the set of annotated expressions to the facial rig by connecting to your favorite 3D software through the Bridge plug-in.

Process automatically tracking and retargeting one new video at a time or through batch-process mode.

Record animations and process post-production (animation smoothing and key-framing for example).Bring efficiency to your pipeline with our machine-learning software suite
Markerless technology is based on video recorded or tracked in real-time with any hardware: static cameras or head mounted systems with 1 or 2 cameras.

Single-View or Multi-View
Face tracking can be processed from a single view or multi views of an actor. Multi-View is recommended for dialogue-driven scenes and close-ups with a photorealistic render.

Intuitive Solutions
We made our software easy to work with whether you want to track in real-time or produce facial animations with maximum accuracy.

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Updated on May 10 2021

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