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Design Doll can create postures and compositions that artists demand, with easy, intuitive operations.

Most of the built-in functions are based on requests from our customers
Reproduce your favorite head to body ratios
Design Doll uses a blending method, where forms and sizes of various parts to be changed freely, allowing models to be reproduced with head to body ratios that intuitively suit the drawing

Reproduce any perspective at will
With various perspective functions, deformations resembling hand drawings or emphatic expressions that cannot be represented with other 3D software are possible. Along with parallel projection, false perspectives, real perspectives and lens perspectives, functions such as eye level displays and change of camera perspective (viewing angle) are also available

Finger controller
A dedicated controller for moving fingers minutely has been made available. By creating the rough shape in simple mode, then moving on to detailed mode, hand shapes can be created quickly

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!

UPDATED 2/4/2021

Filename: DesignDoll 5.2 _

You will need XNA 

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10 Replies to “DesignDoll 5.2 Crack May 2020 Download”

  1. Blarg

    Do you know whats the difference between 5.2 and the newer 5.4? Any major differences? And will you ever upload 5.4?

  2. creamsoda

    im having issues installing. everytime I do it opens my browser to goggle. Any ideas or a way to help??

  3. creamsoda

    when I downloaded the installer once I click on it, it only opens my browser and doesn’t install anything.

    1. Sensei Post author

      install adguard in your browser and download again

  4. badaboom

    It’s impossible to put the serial in. It requires to be connected through an account or something… Any solutions? :(


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