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Installation Instruction (WIN):
1. Delete C:\Users\Username\Documents\WorldCreator Folder if you have

2. *****Block this application with firewall*****
The Easiest Way to do in windows just downloads and run…cker-fab-v1-6/
this app. turn the Add to Exe context menu from Options.. and right-click on the World Creator 2.4.0b1.exe and click on Firewall app blocker->Block in windows firewall this is what I use…

3. Open the World Creator 2.4.0b1.exe the first time it will give you a login screen. then close it…

4. Go To C:\Users\Username\Documents\WorldCreator and Past the user.lic file there…

5. Open the World Creator 2.4.0b1.exe… And Hav Fun

Installation Instruction (MAC):
I don’t Have the binary file… so if you don’t have at last the binary file then skip this instruction..
For those who have binary files for MAC you have to do exactly the same as the WIN user with alternative method…


1. I don’t know the folder location of Documents in Mac so you have to find it by your own
2. This firewall-app-blocker isn’t for MAC I think… so you have to do it manually
3. Same As Win User
4. Copy The User.lic to your Documents World Creator Folder
5. Enjoy


UPDATED 2021 feb 10

Filename: WorldCreator2.4.0B1Enterprise

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  1. bogarting

    Windows: Constantly stays at the verifying license screen. License in the correct folder, as well as the application. Anyone have any ideas?

  2. TomasFelope

    Can you please update the links, tried with vpn and non work? Thanks!


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