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Filter Forge 9.0 Final Pro Setup + Portable + 6650 Filters Win64 Clean Download!

Filter Forge 9.0 final version is now available! It features full PBR support that greatly simplifies using Filter Forge textures in Unity3D, Unreal, and other game engines. You can now add notes to presets, utilize a new component and enjoy enhanced ability to apply several effects to a single image. Filter Forge 9 also includes support for the latest OS versions and host applications including Photoshop 2020.

1. please do NOT report the torrent because the .rar format – in this upload be 6650 filters include and my
torrent app was not able to create a torrent with so many files.

2. Content: there is the Setup for Filter Forge 9.002 trial inside when you want install this as Photoshop plugin,
and there is a portable standalone version and also 6650 filters.

3. this version comes also with a trial reset .batch file created by angelofmercy – this is better as a serial because
then you get the full Pro version which has no limit in the picture size – with a serial you become only the standard
version which is limited to pictures in max. 3000p x 3000p.

4. how to install: simply run the setup when you need this as PS plugin and then run the
“Filter Forge 9 – PS Plugin.batch” file as admin. when you only need the portable standalone version then copy
the folder “Filter Forge 9” to C:\Program Files and run the “Filter Forge 9.batch” file as admin.

5. how to install all this filters: run the program for one time, then go to
C:\User\your name\AppData\Roaming\Filter Forge 9 and replace or overwrite the “System” folder – restart the app
and now you have all this new filters include. (effects be not in this upload)

6. and remember: you get always this annoying “Trial” window but you have the full Pro version

detailed information find you in the “read me first !!!” file – follow them carefully and everything will work.

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!

UPDATED  jan 24 2021

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  1. cris

    hi, it does not work for me :( its like the web doesnt allow me to download it!


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