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Hi People! hope you will enjoy it, also thanks to countryboy, you are amazing man! this works fine also support them if you can buy this product!

Buildbox 2.3.3 Activation Loader : by countryboy

1. Install any Buildbox version from 2.2.1 to Version 2.3.3 then Install Loader.
2. Place Loader Setup & License & Modules in same folder before starting Setup
to install Modules, and set License & Module keys in Windows Registry.

Select [ YES ] Load previous session in Versions 2.3.0 to 2.3.3 to start.

In order to promote License + Module Sharing, some versions require a password.
Shared-Module-Password provided once shared Modules are available.

WARNING: Buildbox deletes Modules, if not exact version starting in V2.3.0.
Export problems: If License isn’t the one used to download Export Modules !

Have a great day, countryboy

Password : countryboy

Thanks to cdspy2000 for sharing v2.3.0 Build 1725, and v2.2.9 Build 1704 Modules.

Must select [YES] Load previous session in Versions 2.3.0 to 2.3.3 to Start Buildbox as
this will bypass the Welcome Window with the Internet Authentication Window event object.

In order to promote Module sharing: Use of Modules in some Verions is disabled, but all previous
shared Modules work. A Shared-Module-Password will be provided once shared Modules are available.
License used to download the Modules must be shared with the Modules, or the Modules are useless.

Place Setup, License, and Modules in same Folder to install Modules, set License, and Module Registry settings.
Setup adds Internet License Verification Blocking to Host file, and computer may need restart for changes to take effect.

To use 2 or more versions of Buildbox see: How-2-Use-2-or-more-Versions-of-Buildbox.txt

Exact Program Version Modules only, in all Releases after version 2.3.0. NOTE: Renaming doesn’t work.
In Previous versions, Loader changed version in memory to allow use of previous version Shared Modules.
To share License: See How to anonymously share License and Modules.txt in HELP_&_Block-R-Unblock_2_Download_Modules.rar.

EXPORT PROBLEM : Re-Start Loader Setup to install Modules, and set License – Module Registry keys.
Export Errors: if missing Modules, wrong Modules, or License is not the one used to download Modules.
If Buildbox is started without any Modules then Registry key Modules-Downloaded is set to false.
Use of previous version Modules may cause export problems. Always use exact version if available.

Buildbox’s Screwy Window Menu Problems:
Versions 2.3.0 to 2.3.2 seem to have pulldown Menu problems, and may be caused by Crack protection added in v2.3.0
to Window event objects like Welcome Window, and 2 minute crash object tied to the main window.
Menus don’t pull down, and need to click sometimes before pull down, and sometimes they are invisible.
[ Application Store ] – [ Version code ]: Menu Box outline barely visible. Click & hold button, and it finally displays.
v2.3.0 to v2.3.2 : Buildbox.exe sometimes hung in memory after Quiting.

Activation will fail if Host File changes fail ! Use Block-or-Unblock_Buildbox program, or
Manually add: If File Permission problem, or a virus program is blocking Host File changes.

1. Use Windows Explorer, and go to Folder: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
2. Right Click, and Open [ Hosts ] File with Windows Notepad.
3. Copy – Paste, add lines listed below to end of the file, Save, and Restart Computer.

Loader detects delay time by using Windows WaitForInputIdle Function to check if program is Loaded.
Setting of delay time should not be required unless Windows fails to report loading info.
Loader also works on all Previous Versions. If you have a problem : see Problems_HELP.rar

Downloads: UPDATED 26 JAN 2021


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