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HitFilm Pro is the top choice worldwide for creatives who want everything they need in one place. Conquer post-production with 800+ effects, animation tools, motion tracking, and world-leading particle technology – without leaving your editor.

Let our powerful editing suite take you where you want to go faster. Have full control from start to finish. Create professional videos and fix your audio with ease in HitFilm Pro. With some of the industry’s leading creative features like unparalleled animation tools, coupled with super-fast performance, editors worldwide choose HitFilm Pro as their non-linear editor of choice to deliver incredible results.


The Undo/Redo and Save buttons have been restored to the menu bar.
The menu containing options for the appearance of Editor tracks has been reconfigured.
Improved the alignment of keyframes in the value graph while scrolling.
Improved the way in which text is displayed on the export progress bar.
Visibility of mask curve handles has been improved.
Improved playback performance on the Editor timeline.
Added a default color label option for Grade layers.
Improved the alignment and positioning of controls in the Track panel.
Improved render accuracy in the viewer for footage that does not match the timeline resolution.
Changed the Export Progress bar color when export is completed, to more easily identify finished exports in the queue.
Fixed the layout of the transport controls so that the Previous Frame and Next Frame buttons are side by side.
Improved the rendering and functionality of the dialog that warns of a system below the minimum requirements.

Bug Fixes

H.264 media no longer displays upside down during playback.
The interface now displays correctly on older Intel graphics processors.
The styling of tooltips is now consistent in the viewer and graphs.
3D models using environment maps now export correctly.
The dialog warning of missing features in a project is now styled correctly.
All media cache files are now properly deleted when HitFilm is closed.
The freehand Mask tool is now properly disabled for 3D unrolled layers.
Using the mouse wheel in the value graph while holding CTRL+ Shift no longer causes the interface to freeze.
Applying Levels Histogram to a layer in a nested composite shot no longer causes an unending render request.
Clicking in the viewer no longer creates an unnecessary render request.
Copying, publishing, and resetting multiple animated properties now works correctly.
HitFilm no longer launches on unsupported virtual machines or remote desktops where it cannot run correctly.
Properties option is restored to the contextual menu for objects on the Editor timeline.
Pre-render options are restored to the contextual menu for objects on the Editor timeline.
Maximizing the interface now properly fills the screen on certain Intel HD hardware that previously displayed incorrectly.

Downloads: updated 9/nov/2021

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