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Aescripts MochaImport+ v6.0.009 Win/Mac Full Crack Download CLEAN!

MochaImport simplifies your workflow between mocha and After Effects. Create stabilized precomps, move masks, effect points and layers, and distort them in perspective.

The Mocha tracker is an award-winning planar tracking software that comes bundled with After Effects. MochaImport+ helps you to get the most out of it – whether you use the Mocha Plugin that’s bundled with Ae, or any other full or plugin version of Mocha.

Key Features

Stabilized Precomps

If you don’t know about stabilized precomps, you’ll be surprised at how powerful they are. A stabilized precomp is a composition in which the tracked region no longer moves. Inside this precomp, you can make any modification – as if it were a still image – and all your changes are also automatically applied to the original perspective.

Whether you just want to re-light parts of your clip, remove elements with the clone brush, insert an object, or do any other kind of retouching work – with stabilized precomps, it becomes much easier.

Expression-driven tracking data

Have you ever placed a corner pin, then after a while noticed that one corner needs to be moved a few pixels to the side? Normally, this is very tedious: to change the tracking data, you either have to manually adjust hundreds of keyframes or go back into Mocha, export the tracking data again and start from scratch. But with expression-driven tracking data, you only have a single keyframe and all the movement is represented by an expression. Simply change this one keyframe, and the position of all the other frames changes automatically. If you want to add more keyframes, MochaImport+ will automatically tween between your keyframes. Fixing inaccurate tracks has never been so easy.

Move masks and 2d properties

Move your After Effects masks and 2D point properties with a Mocha track. Since this function is based on corner pin data, it not only considers position, scale and rotation, but also shear and perspective movement, to achieve maximum accuracy.

Need your screen insert to cast some light on the surrounding background? Just add some color correction with masks around the right areas and move them with the track. Want a lens flare to move with your track? No problem!

Masks and properties also support expression-driven tracking data, so they can be keyframed on top of the track. So, if your track isn’t 100% accurate, you can easily refine your masks.

Stabilize Rig

MochaImport+ can stabilize your clip or smooth the motion with advanced controls – perfect for projects like hyperlapse videos, where you need full control over the stabilization process.

Support for all major 3rd party corner pin plugins

  • Corner Pin (included in Ae)
  • CC Power Pin (included in Ae)
  • Bezier Warp (included in Ae)
  • Card Dance (included in Ae)
  • Red Giant Warp Corner Pin
  • BCC Corner Pin
  • RE:Map Planar
  • Sapphire Warp Corner Pin

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