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VRayPattern v1.080 v2018 for 3ds Max 2010-2019 Full Crack Download CLEAN!

VRayPattern allows to multiply geometry periodically without extra memory consumption. As a sample you can use any tiled geometry (or those with unobtrusive joints)

VrayPattern technology is fundamentally different from the technologies that are used in scattering. Scatters are multiplying individual objects, but pattern is actually a 3d procedural texture. The consequence of this is unique opportunity but lot of restrictions.

The unique features include: Possibility to literally not limit duplicating of elements. Automatic deformation of objects in accordance with the shape of the surface Low memory consumption when rendering.

Restrictions related to the possibility to randomise the elements, possibility to process edges and abilities to limit an area with other tools, except for the physical cut-offs of a surface. The same goes for the preview in the viewport – unfortunately there are no other possibilities to see anything in the viewport, but to generate and assign appropriate geometry texture;


1. make sure you are connected to the internet
2. install
3. after installation complete, run License Manager (Start Menu -> R & D Group -> Cerber -> License Manager)
4. select network tab and type server address then press “Save” immediately, then click on “Query”
5. restart PC

Note: make sure your 3ds Max is not blocked in the firewall or the license will not work.

all versions of VRay are supported, including VRay Next (4.0)

to get to the tool go to Create Tab –> Geometry –> from drop down choose VRay –> VRayPattern

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