By | September 19, 2018

VRay 3.6 Cinema 4D R18 – R19 OSX x64 Full Crack Easy Download CLEAN!

V-Ray for Cinema 4D now operates under the same 3.4 core technology that has made V-Ray an industry-standard in visual effects, broadcast and architectural design projects for nearly 20 years. With its vast lighting, shading, and rendering toolkit, artists and designers have full control over the entire creative process.


Adaptive lights feature (up to 7x faster rendering- new unbiased Chaosgroup technology for very fast light calculations even with uge amounts of lights)
3.5/3.6 core (extra speed)
New 3.5 V-Ray standard material (heavy optimized new V-Ray Material with new SSS options, Features and layout like the native V-Ray Max Mtl)
New .VrMat(.Vizmat) material loader
New AL_Hair material
New MDL Material (Nvidia Material Format)
New TexHairinfo sampler shader
New TexParticle sampler shader (can sample color, emission, lifespan, velocity, age, opacity of particles like xparticle)
New TexLut shader
New Multishader modes
New interactive lens effects in VFB
New denoiser option for progressive render
Denoiser + lens FX can be used together now
Glossy fresnel option (in new V-Ray standard mtl)
Full Light select layers (for bflc, bfbf)
Resume render for progressive and bucket mode(bucket in vfb)
Hybrid cuda rendering (cpu+gpu)
Mirror vfb channels to PV (picture viewer)
New Blend Material
faster bitmap chaching for shader previews (editing big hdri bitmaps etc)
added multiplier in lumiance of new standard mtl for higher light intensty values via textures or color inputs
GI defaut on
changed triplanar mapping default scale

WIP 3-6 features:

V-RayVolumeGrid Rendering: openVDB cache file support
first direct xparticle support (via particle tex, some attributes of xparticles can be read out, more xparicle support also for specific xp4 features might come in 3.6.x builds and v4.0 2018)


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