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Hair Tool for Blender v1.9.2 Full Crack Easy Download CLEAN!

This addon will help you generate hair mesh ribbons with uv’s from bezier/nurbs curves. It is how most current games are doing hairs for characters.


ability to generate and interactively comb hair ribbons based on blender particle hairs (since 1.8 version)
generating hair ribbons from mesh surfaces
ability to uv unwrap and preview textures on hair curve ribbons
easy and convenient switching back and forth between curve ribbons and mesh mesh, while preserving mesh uv’s
ability to adjust ribbons radius profile over strand length to taper the ribbons shape
ability to convert curves to blender Particle Hair system
Generating vertex color and weights gradients for ribbons.
and more
Part of $ I make on this addon wil go to Blender Foundation (I think around 20%).

Basic workflow is:

create grid mesh (quad only) in basic shape of hair, that will be source of hair curves
mark one of border edges as sharp – it will be root of generated hair
Use button ‘Curves from surface’ – to generate curves. Play with F6 setting to vary the look, amount of splines
Generate hair ribbons by pressing ‘Hair setup’ button.
If you want to switch to mesh version of you curve based ribbons, press ‘Curves to Ribbons’ button.

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev its only 34$! dont use crack if you can afford it!

UPDATED 28 july 2021


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