UltraVFX’s 5 Most Wanted KitBash3D Full Free Download CLEAN!

Sup after a very long time, here i’m with a new list but this time it’s Kitbash 3D. Right now these 5 are very popular and all of these are very handy for everyone. Right now, I only have these 5 available but as soon as I see more of them i will post them here. btw, I don’t have to tell you but still let me say: all of these files are clear from viruses I don’t post any shitty virus here, enjoy these and make sure to buy them if you are making money. Donate me so I can pay website monthly bill of VPS.

this list includes:

  1. Neo Tokyo
  2. Utopia
  3. Industrial
  4. Space colony
  5. Warzone


Create the decaying infrastructure of any war-affected city in recent history or the completely destroyed cityscape of a post-apocalyptic nightmare of a metropolis. With this kit, you can choose from towers that are partially crumbling, buildings and freeways that are half-way destroyed, and plenty of collapsed walls and rubble to populate your war-stricken scenes!


2. Neo Tokyo:

Create skyscrapers and mega-structures that tower over civilization and echo the philosophies of future generations focused on maximum space and energy efficiency. Whether you’re designing for film or video games, anime or manga, this kit will take you into the not-so-distant future of a 2020 Japan Olympics or far beyond your wildest imaginations with a vertical city mimicking organic biological growth as it extends further and further towards the sky. 3D Models by Joshua Cotter and Cover Art by Maxx Burman.


3. Utopia

Create neo-futuristic cities with wildly inventive structures liberated from architectural geometry inspired by Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry. Use this kit’s distinctive multi-perspective sinuous forms and fragmented geometry to imagine advanced civilizations rich with gigantic stadiums and glorious museums or environmentally conscious societies harmoniously intertwined with nature by championing organic architecture.


4. Industrial

Create the manufacturing hubs and low-rise cities adorned with billowing smoke from the brick factories that characterized Europe or America during the turn of the Industrial Revolution. This kit will provide you with all sizes of factories, railways, cranes and smokestacks that define any 18th or 19th century environment dominated by mass production, steam power and human innovation! Modeling by Mihailo Radosevic, Cover art by Steven Cormann.


5. Space Colony

Create the future cosmic settlements of mankind, whether they are hyper realistic renditions of potential habitats on the Moon or Mars, or megastructures assembled across fictional celestial entities in a far off galaxy of your most inventive constructions. Use this kit’s habitat pods, utility structures, antennas, sci-fi tanks, solar panels and research outposts to dream up where our eventual interplanetary selves will live and coexist with whatever else they find beyond the borders of our Earth’s atmosphere! 3D Models by Michal Kozlowski | Kit Design and Cover Art by Jort van Welbergen.


https://www.vfxmed.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/UltraVFXs-5-Most-Wanted-KitBash3D-Full-Free-Download-ultravfx.com_..pnghttps://www.vfxmed.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/UltraVFXs-5-Most-Wanted-KitBash3D-Full-Free-Download-ultravfx.com_..pngZaid SparrowDownloadsKitBash3DModelsOtherTop Lists3d,animation,direct links,downloads,kitbash,shortcuts,Top List,vfx,winUltraVFX's 5 Most Wanted KitBash3D Full Free Download CLEAN! Sup after a very long time, here i'm with a new list but this time it's Kitbash 3D. Right now these 5 are very popular and all of these are very handy for everyone. Right now, I only have these 5...