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Shadeit 2.0 + Cable Script for Maya Full Crack Easy Download CLEAN!

Shadeit for Maya Script 

ShadeIt is a script for Maya that will help you to easily create and edit realtime shaders for Maya viewport 2.0!

To know the features, be sure to take a look at the trailer :

ShadeIt is a companion for your HardSurface stuff. Shaders are build to give the best look on Viewport. The idea is to shade you model while your modeling! It’s not dedicated to final texturing/shading. It’s more like a quick shading blocking, that’s will help you during your modeling and give you the ability to make nice presentation without rendering etc.

ShadeIt is working on Maya 2017 to 2019 for Windows and MacOs.

AND Need at least Mtoa 2.0 to work!

Cable Script v2.0

Cable is a script for Maya that will help you to easily create and edit cables. It’s also really quick and you can generate tons of cables in 2 clicks!

– Be sure to take a look at the trailer-

And Cable 2.0 Features –

generation is not based on the classical Maya method (extrude a profile along curve). Thanks to that you will have more robust and cleaner result.

Cable is working on Maya 2018 to 2019 for Windows and MacOs.

(On Linux you will need to set your path)


i hope you will not be a FU** retard and will buy these cables if you are making money, dont be a pirate every time, support the devs by purchasing it.


ShadeIt 2.0 for MAYA Full Crack BELOW:

Cable 2.0 Full Crack for MAYA is BELOW:

17 Replies to “Shadeit 2.0 + Cable 2.0 Scripts for Maya Full Crack Easy Download”

  1. svk ds

    hello, again. please give the actual links of the above.all download files are full of virus. please help. i need those badly

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      bro link itself is not a virus thing is intoupload has a lot of bad ads on their site. the reason i use it is they dont delete my links over dmca.

  2. niranjan

    hey, i think u deleted the Cable Script files. can u please upload or send to my mail [email protected]. i am a student. plz help me it we really helpfull.
    thank you

  3. madagascar

    The file upload server down. Can’t download it from there.
    Could you please upload it on one of these servers:

    mediafire, alfafile, filenext, filefactory, turbobit or uploaded?

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      If i can remember correctly, the latest version hasnt been cracked yet. No one is cracking it for some reasons i dont know why.


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