By | September 12, 2021

Kitbash3D WARZONE Models Full FREE Download CLEAN!

Create the decaying infrastructure of any war-affected city in recent history or the completely destroyed cityscape of a post-apocalyptic nightmare of a metropolis. With this kit, you can choose from towers that are partially crumbling, buildings and freeways that are half-way destroyed, and plenty of collapsed walls and rubble to populate your war-stricken scenes!

3D Models by Joshua Cotter and Cover Art by Emmanuel Shiu

  • File Formats Include: .MA | .OBJ | .FBX
  • Total Poly Count: 1.8 Million
  • Uved and Setup for Tileable Textures
  • Textures Not Included

Downloads: updated 13/sep/2021

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  1. Hawkins

    hello Again, please could you re upload this file thank you


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