By | January 26, 2021

Topowire v1.0 Cinema 4D Plugin Full Easy Crack Download CLEAN!

Automatic Spline Rendering: Topowire will automatically create hair material, assign it to the topowire generator and will enable hair rendering in render settings.

Smart render engine detection: Topowire will track your render settings and each new created topowire generator will be optimized for the selected renderer. (Arnold, Octane, Redshift, Standard, Physical. For other renderers, topowire will be created with enabled thickness generator)

Quick conversion: If you moved your topowire setup to another render engine and want to convert its settings, you can simply double-click to it in the objects manager and all its settings will be automatically converted to an appropriate renderer.

Improved UI: Transform tab is now improved and only the most commonly used will be displayed as intuitive sliders. Other settings can be exposed by enabling “Show Advanced Settings” option.

Thickness option is implemented directly into Topowire. This allows using it with 3rd party engines without support for spline rendering or with OpenGL renderer.

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