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SLiB Leuchtkraft 1.61 Maya 2015-18 WIN-OSX-Linux Crack Download CLEAN!

Leuchtkraft is a professional lighting plug-in for Autodesk Maya that provides a fast and accurate way to set up and control your lights. No more trial and error – with a simple mouse click you place them exactly where you want them to be. All important Light Attributes (Intensity, Distance, Size, Rotation, Contribution, …) can easily be controlled from a single window.


3 place modes: reflection, normal, rim

add, position and edit lights with unparalleled ease

control all lights and related render attributes with an intuitive UI

use procedurals or HDR images to map your lights (several HDR images included)

use ramps to map your lights and store them for later use

supported Render Engines: Redshift, VRay and Arnold

supports Render Farms / Services (no plug-in required installation required on clients)

free version.x updates

Contrary to other “light paint” solutions Leuchtkraft uses real lights instead of painting the “lights” on a high dynamic range image. Check some of the advantages:

fully animatable and light-linkable

supports different Light Types (Spot, Point, etc.)

can be placed between Objects

controllable per Light Contribution (Spec, Diff, etc.), Sampling and Decay

fully editable in Maya no need to switch between Apps

Downloads: link update 19/09/2018

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