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ADP Pro v3 Panel for Photoshop CC2014 – CC2018 Crack Download CLEAN!

ADP Pro v3 Luminosity Mask Panel – The Ultimate Panel for Luminosity Mask Creation

Let Your Creativity Flow Uninterrupted

With all 15 ADP Pro Panels built into one
powerful and easy to use tool

ADP Pro Luminosity Masks are tools used to make extremely accurate selections in your images based on the brightness values (luminance) of the pixels. You then can use these selections to make powerful adjustments to not only the brightness, but adjustments to colour, contrast and digital blending to combine multiple exposures, your imagination is the only limit in their use. They give you complete control over all aspects of your images, allowing you total creative freedom in the creation of your imagery. ADP Pro gives you an unparalleled ability to make these selections and many additional tools to help you get the most out of your images.

Creating and using Luminosity Masks doesn’t need to be complicated. At ADP Pro we have created a panel that puts all of our powerful tools at your fingertips. There are many visual tools built into ADP Pro v3, such as heat mapping, that make the selection of masks very simple, and we give you many tools that allow you to modify your masks at the push of a button to accurately select and target any area you want.

16 Bit Luminosity Masks

All masks are 16-bit, created either through calculations or directly on the image through layers.

Heat Map Luminosity Masks

Create any variation of Tonal Zone Mask selections by choosing any variation of zone masks through a visual interface.

Colour Masks

Create masks based on colours (R,G,B,C,M,Y) allowing further refinement for the perfect selection.

Luminosity Masks With Layers

Create Luminosity Masks with layers

ADP Pro v3 Additional Key Features


Mono Fx

Creating stunning black & white images with Mono Fx. 11 Modern filters with powerful adjustment capabilities.

Automated Blending

Quickly blend up to 7 images automatically using three different blending methods.

Grouping Masks

Save time creating the perfect mask and group your masks, allowing you to paint in the areas you want affected.

Colour Fx

Specialty colour features, including 4 Orton glows, detail extraction, dynamic contrast, painting with colour and more.

Automated Adjustments

Use Luminosity Masks like sliders in Lightroom with 4 lights, 4 darks and 5 contrast adjustment sliders.

Specialty Adjustments

Numerous specialty adjustments, including: halo removal, spot removal, CA removal, noise reduction, and more.


3 methods of automated web sharpening, 4 methods of manual sharpening, edge protection and more.

Vibrance & Saturation Masking

Target areas of high or low saturation in your image accurately with masks to control the areas effected.

Specialty Tools

Many specialty tools, including: frequency separation, vignettes, saturation painting and much more.

, allowing powerful adjustments including the use of colour in your selections.


Apply • Adjust • Replace

A powerful tool to apply, adjust or replace a mask on any layer and adjust it in Mask or Image view.

Powerful Mask Adjustments

Adjust masks by dodging & burning, curves, levels, shadows & highlights, colour, or paint directly on the mask.

Quick Mask Luminosity Masks

Masks created through calculations, with powerful and simple to use adjustment tools.

Subtraction Masks

Create masks through subtracting selections to eliminate areas you don’t want effected.

Tonal Zone Masks

Target specific tonal ranges with both restricted and expanded tonal ranges, and select zones directly from the image.

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